Living like it’s 2050 – Pickards Mountain Eco-Institute

The folks at fair companies have been making a lot of great videos that focus on sustainability and simple living. This video was filmed in North Carolina at the Pickards Mountain Eco-Institute, which is dedicated to exploring ways modern humans can learn to coexist with our natural habitat. In other words, find a way to live sustainably while taking into account the potential impacts of climate change and rising energy costs.

On this 350-acre farm is a small village with three canvas Yomes that encircle a shared outdoor kitchen. They are also building a small cob house which you’ll see in the video below.

Visit their website to learn more about Pickards Mountain Eco-Institute. You might also enjoy reading this interview with Tim Toben, one of the founders as well as the Transition Town Movement.

Photo credit to the folks at fair companies.


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