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How To Design a Tiny House with Pen & Paper

This video shows how I’d currently tackle designing a tiny house with pen & paper. Normally I draw houses using SketchUp Pro, a 3D drawing program originally developed by Google. Google spun SketchUp off and it’s now available from a company called Trimble. They still offer two free versions, one called SketchUp Free which is […]

SCADpad Innovations

Now that the publicity campaign has begun we’re getting more information and photos of these innovative tiny homes. The three SCADpad prototypes are tiny house designs that reclaim parking spaces in multi-level parking garages that are getting used less and less. It seems a growing number of people are choosing to commute less – opting […]

Daydreaming about Tiny House Pottery

This is just a fun design exploration I’ve been daydreaming about. It’s a tiny ceramics studio that measure 6′ by 6′ and is configured for a studio potter. You see before the internet took-off and web design took my professional focus, I was a studio potter. While I studied architecture in college I ended up graduating […]

Wine Bottle Cork Floor – Phoenix Commotion

I was looking through all the amazing ways the folks at the Phoenix Commotion are reusing junk to build artful homes in Texas. This technique jumped out at me as an especially clever and beautiful way of reusing what is normally discarded as trash. This is a wine bottle cork floor. Each cork is carefully […]

Tiny House Mobile Showroom

Years ago I tried to make it as a professional potter and traveled in my little Civic to crafts fairs and farmers’ markets each weekend to sell my pottery. I’d pack my car full of pottery and had a homemade roof rack that was strapped to the top that help my display and canopy. When […]

Art Shanty Projects 2009

Now this it totally cool, pun intended, and if you’re up in Minnesota you might want to check this out in person. Art Shanty Projects 2009 is a six-week exhibition, out on the ice, of artist-built ice shantys. These tiny houses are temporary structures modeled after traditional ice fishing huts, which are also often decorated […]