Tiny House Mobile Showroom

Years ago I tried to make it as a professional potter and traveled in my little Civic to crafts fairs and farmers’ markets each weekend to sell my pottery. I’d pack my car full of pottery and had a homemade roof rack that was strapped to the top that help my display and canopy. When I first began to do the fairs the E-Z UP canopy was just beginning to become popular. Today if you go to a farmers’ market or street fair you’ll see that pretty much everyone has one.

Now imagine yourself as an artist traveling the art show circuit. Instead of a canopy imagine you had a tiny house on a trailer. It would save a you lot of time because it would serve many functions. It would be your showroom, inventory transportation and storage. A small truck or SUV could easily pull it too. For two-day fairs it could be locked up and secured overnight.

I imagine that it would have over-sized window openings with wood shutters that would open up to allow access to the stuff you’re selling. There could even be a little stair case that let people step inside to see more. Photovoltaic solar panels and batteries would power lighting for evening shows and to light up the inside. This tiny house could even have open stud walls and little insulation, although some insulation in the roof would be needed to keep the interior from cooking on hot days.

I can totally see homemade tiny house mobile showrooms being very popular with people that do a lot of street fairs. I can also see how they would attract a lot of attention and who knows, might boost sales.  I think I might draw it up and offer it as my next free tiny house plans, after I finish the 8×16 free tiny solar house plans.


Update: As you can see in the comments of this post, Lelly spotted the little mobile showroom above shortly after I posted it. She then sent me her Google SketchUp rendition of a tiny storefront she calls Market Fresh.

It totally reminds me of many little shops in Mendocino, CA and my wife Julia of Oleson’s Mercantile from Little House on the Prairie. I admit I didn’t watch much Little House on the Prairie as a kid.

The interior dimensions of Lelly’s design are 6′ 11″ by 15′ long, which would fit nicely on a trailer and serve nicely as a tiny storefront. I can see people starting up tiny businesses in tiny mobile buildings like these with very little money up-front. The little coffee sheds that have popped up all over might just be the tip of an iceberg.

Thanks again for sharing the drawing with us Lelly! Looks like you’ve been having fun with Google SketchUp too!


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