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Living Tiny Legally by Tiny House Expedition (Watch Now)

The folks at Tiny House Expedition have been touring the US in their tiny home. Finding ways to live legally in a tiny house is one of the things they’ve been talking to people about around the country. They’ve filmed these conversations and have produced a fantastic educational docs-series called Living Tiny Legally – part […]

TINY: A Story About Living Small documentary now available on DVD and on iTunes!

The following is a guest post from Merete Mueller. A little over three years ago, Christopher Smith and I (Merete Mueller) had two crazy ideas. The first was to build a Tiny House from scratch with no building experience, and the second was to make a documentary film about it. We were motivated by the question: […]

Christopher & Merete’s Tiny House

You might be familiar with the movie called TINY. It was produced by Christopher Smith & Merete Mueller – but you may not have seen photos of their tiny home. It’s just 127 square feet and located in Colorado. They’d never built anything like it before, so the whole project was quite an adventure. Christopher and Merete […]

We the Tiny House People – Documentary Trailer

This is a preview of a new documentary on the Tiny House Movement. The full film will be released on April 23, 2012. For about five years Kirsten and Nicolás have been visiting and filming people in their tiny homes. This documentary brings together all those interviews into one story about the tiny house movement. […]

Tiny: The Documentary about Living Small

The following is a guest post from Speak.Thunder Films How It All Began When Christopher decided to buy a desolate piece of land in the Colorado mountains, he was hesitant to tell me at first. It was a frigid day last February. I had sent him a short text message from work, “What are you […]

Must See Movie: How to Boil a Frog

I’ve not laughed so hard in a long time; this movie is so fricken funny! Too bad the topic, the top 5 things that trouble humanity, is so depressing. But then again that’s what makes this movie so refreshing and effective. It tackles our biggest challenges with humor and provides tangible solutions we can start […]

Tiny House Tour inside a Controversial Movie

I spotted a link to the movie Urban Danger while reading Yonderosa, one of the tiny house blogs I follow. The movie is about preparing for widespread calamity and advocates self-sufficiency, sustainability, and moving away from cities. I personally didn’t care much for the first 21 minutes of the movie because, in my humble opinion, […]