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Casita in Arruda dos Vinhos by Plano B

While this modern cabin looks like it was built with all new materials, it’s wasn’t. In fact it’s a bit of a Phoenix reborn from the ashes and uses many reclaimed building materials from a ruined building of the same size that once stood on the same spot – plus some easily obtained industrial materials. […]

Gypsy Junker

Derek “Deek” Diedricksen is working on another tiny house. This time a portable 24 square foot place he’s nicknamed the Gypsy Junker. This isn’t Deek’s first tiny house project, he’s built a cabin up in Vermont and is also writing a book called “Humble Homes, Simple Shacks, Cozy Cabins,¬†Ramshackle Retreats, Funky Forts (And Whatever The […]

Paddy’s Poorboy Special

This is Paddy’s tiny house which is located in Harbert, Michigan. He calls it his Poorboy special because it’s built on a low budget, although you can’t really tell from the photos because he’s done such a nice job with the house. Currently it’s about 75% complete and built with second hand parts and building […]

Small Earthbag Home For $1000

I’m especially partial to low-cost housing solutions that push the envelope and demonstrate that a home doesn’t have to be expensive and extravagant to provide it’s owner security and happiness. Owen Geiger recently posted an article on the Earthbag Building Blog that lists out the materials and cost for a 15-foot diameter earthbag home with […]

A Tiny Cabin by Dennis

This cabin was built by Dennis, one of my readers, and is located in the woods of southwest Wisconsin. The floor measures just 8′ by 12′ but the height of the cabin makes it seem much larger. The unusual window layout and large eaves also add to make this a striking design. Another relatively uncommon […]

Justin’s Tiny House Update

Justin Peer is building a tiny house on the outskirts of London, England and the exciting part is just now underway; the walls are going up. He’s building it from a lot of reclaimed (and some new) building materials. So far he’s got the trailer all painted and prepped, the floor down and some of […]