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Urban Rancher Wins Wind Turbine!

Great news! The Urban Rancher has won the wind turbine featured on Jetson Green last week.  This particular wind turbine is rated at 400W and has sells for $596 USD. This should be plenty of power for his off-grid home especially considering that he’ll have a few solar panels too.  He also made more progress […]

One Determined Urban Rancher

The latest update by The Urban Rancher reports a few updates and a lot of determination in the face of sore muscles and continued unemployment. By day he works as a freelance designer in the entertainment industry and business in Hollywood in still sluggish. Luckily the few pennies he has saved up are being put to good […]

Drywall and Beer

Beer can make drywalling a tiny house a little easier as long as it’s not mixed together. Well that’s what the Urban Rancher discovered when he installed the drywall in his little cabin somewhere in the mountains above Los Angeles. In addition to the drywall, he finished some wiring work and got his ‘temporary’ power […]

Urban Rancher Update

As the weather begins to turn colder and wet in California the Urban Rancher is making steady progress on closing in his tiny house. Instead of using the same type of siding all around his house he’s mixing it up a bit, partially for cost savings and partially for aesthetics. I’m looking forward to seeing […]

Urban Rancher has a Galvalume Roof

I’ve been watching the Urban Rancher’s progress online and look forward to every new post. This past weekend he installed his roofing which should help keep his brand new tiny house nice and dry as the wet season hits the mountains of southern California. He chose to use some Galvalume panels which installed within just […]

Urban Rancher Update

There is an incredibly captivating story unfolding in the mountains above Los Angeles of a man building a future of freedom through simplifying his life. Although as you’ll see when you read his latest tale of finding a way to lift a heavy framed wall into place by himself you’ll realize that a simple life […]