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Derek & Hannah’s Tiny House is Done! Cost Just $34,667.23!

Congratulations Derek & Hannah!!! I’ve been following your tiny house build since the beginning and have never missed an episode. The tiny house television shows have got nothing on your Life Inside A Box YouTube Channel… so well done, not to mention REAL! Quick Note to D&H: There’s just two weeks left to enter the […]

Mark’s Tiny House Project

Kent at Tiny House Blog shared the story of Mark Heffernan’s tiny house project this past week. I was especially impressed with the homemade window mock-up that Mark plans to build for his tiny house. Windows can be one of the most expensive single aspects of a tiny house project. They can easily rival the […]

How-To Build Handmade Tiny House Windows

A few days ago I posted a story about a man named Kai who built his own windows for his tiny house. Kai lives in Germany and has discovered that many of the building materials we take for granted in the US aren’t always available in Germany. The windows specified in the Tumbleweed WeeBee house […]

Handmade Tiny House Windows

The other day my friend Kent, over at tinyhouseblog.com, posted a story about a fellow named Kai who has built a modified Tumbleweed WeeBee in Germany. I spent quite a bit of time looking through all the great construction photos that Kai has posted online and was especially interested in the windows he built from […]