Tiny House Tour with Bill Brooks

Bill built a tiny house from one of the free tiny house plans I’ve posted here at Tiny House Design. He’s made some smart modifications to it including the addition of a storage box for the solar system batteries and propane tank.

My friend Kent Griswold at Tiny House Blog recently took a trip to meet with Bill in person and get a tour of the home. Looks great Bill! Thanks for posting the videos Kent!

10 thoughts on “Tiny House Tour with Bill Brooks

  1. Bill says:

    Thanks Michael for the plan and the posting. It has been an interesting project to build. I hope others will see the videos and realize they can do it as well.

  2. Tracy Roberts says:

    Great videos and a fantastic build. Bill, you did a really great job at this house. I looked at all the videos and I am impressed. I have always liked this one and have the plans downloaded to my files as well. One day I intend to get started on building when job and economy allow. LOL

    Thanks to Michael for the design and for you to show how well it can be done.

  3. Steve Adams says:

    Great videos, wish more builders would post some. How do you vent the excess moisture from when you’re cooking or taking a shower? I plan on building tiny homes Popomo house and I’m going to put an exhaust fan in the bathroom.

    • Bill says:

      I will provide venting with all the windows I have in the house. The three large ones, and three smaller ones should provide plenty of air exchange needed.

  4. Mike Ellefson says:

    What an excellent job. Congrats to Bill. The video was great. A lot of good information for anyone thinking of using Michael’s plan.

    Thank you for sharing

  5. Eadie Davis Lewis says:

    I am only in the “thinking” stage…and am realizing more and more that the making it pretty is the easy part…it is all the electrical and plumbing parts that I am not going to have as much fun with…but I do greatly appreciate your explaining those in your videos. Thank you very much for your informative video! Very appreciated! And enjoy many happy times in your tiny house!

    • Bill says:

      Thanks Eadie. The things like construction, electrical and plumbing did take a lot of research and work. But, the interior build has taken the most time for me. I was able to build the shell in about 4 months or so. Installing the gasline took just a day or two once I decided on how. Similar for the plumbing. Building out the interior cabinets, storage, and making it pretty has taken over 9 months. Most of the time once I have thought out the design, the build went fairly quickly. A few times I had to change direction, but it generally worked out well.

  6. UrbanRancher says:

    WOW Bill, what a wonderful series of videos, congrats on the top notch work! I’ve been considering building this same unit, off-trailer/on the ground as a kitchen-only building. I really love the open feel, Michael did a great job with the lines.

    I built my tiny cabin all by myself basically out of necessity. I learned that with a little ingenuity, some ratchet straps, a sturdy fulcrum and lots of patience it absolutely can be done solo (although a shop with a 16′ high winch would totally rock!!)


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