Vintage Trailer Lodging in Taos

Hotel Luna Mystica is a vintage trailer hotel and starlight campground is 8 miles from the heart of Taos, New Mexico. Each trailer has retained it’s vintage vibe while also providing its own deck, bathroom, comfortable bed, and kitchen.

It’s also right next to Taos Mesa Brewery which has regular live music, and… well… yes… beer… lots of beer. Across the road is Taos Airport, and down the road is the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge – the 10th highest bridge in the United States. Just past the bridge is the area with cheap land which is where I’ve imagined the adobe homes I’d drawn in my recent Taos Mesa posts.

Below is a sample of the trailers you’d find at Hotel Luna Mystica. Currently there are 16 trailers listed on their website.

1961 Airstream (Sundance) Exterior
1961 Airstream (Sundance) Interior
1961 Airstream (Sundance) Kitchen & Dining
1961 Airstream (Sundance) – Bathroom
1951 Spartanette (Esmerelda) Exterior
1951 Spartanette (Esmerelda) Interior
1953 Vagabond (Judd) Exterior
1953 Vagabond (Judd) Interior
1963 Avion Tourist (Thelma) Exterior
1963 Avion Tourist (Thelma) Interior
1963 Avion Tourist (Thelma) Beds
1960 Traveleze (Dona) Exterior
1960 Traveleze (Dona) Interior

So if you want to explore Taos, cheap land on Taos Mesa, and experience tiny living, you might want to consider checking out Hotel Luna Mystica. Photos by Hotel Luna Mystica.

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