What Do Flamingos And Pineapples Mean In The RV Community?

Do Flamingos & Upside-Down Pineapples Symbolize Swinging?

What is swinging?

Swinging is a couple’s choice to not live monogamously, but to participate in open sexual relationships with other partners, and are particularly interested in group sex in a group setting.

What Do Flamingos And Pineapples Mean In The RV Community

As with other symbols, the pink flamingo and the upside down pineapple are two symbols that used to be just cute and naive decor until a different meaning was attached to them and they became sexualized.

The pink flamingo is mostly a harmless RV patio feature that dates back to the Vintage Era (1945-1970). In fact, “pink flamingos were first designed in 1957 in Massachusetts by Don Featherstone. He was hired by Union Products to sculpt a pink flamingo and ducks. The pink bird was a hit to brighten up tract homes in post-WWII neighborhoods. The flamingo was a great way to differentiate your house from all the other places on the street.” (Source: rvblogger.com)

The pineapple, upside down or not, was a symbol of hospitality, especially based on Hawaiian local hospitality, due to the fact that the pineapple grows very well on Hawaiian Islands due to the soil rich in volcanic ash.

However, those who are swingers decided to use those two symbols to represent their interest, perhaps because they look a bit eccentric and seem a bit “out there”.

History Behind The Swinging Symbols

No one really knows how pineapples and flamingos became the mascot of swingers, but some claim that it was the use of these symbols on social media that expanded these two symbols of hospitality and just spilled into some being more “hospitable” than others.

The pink flamingo symbolizes the swinging lifestyle due to its uniqueness, standing out with its color and plumage.

The upside-down pineapple symbolizes “wife-swapping” and swinging.

How Common Are Swingers In The RV Community?

There are RV parks that are adults only and that might be more open to the swinging lifestyle. Since the RV community is a subset of society, of course there will be a swinging populace.

Some find security in the anonymity of an RV park, with staying for a night and never seeing the same people again.

Some of the openly swinger-friendly RV parks are in South Florida (especially Orlando), but surely every state has some. Most do not openly advertise, but you can find comments on Reddit, Craigslist, or other platforms if you are truly looking for them.

What Do Flamingos And Pineapples Mean In The RV Community

Where Can You Find Flamingos & Upside-Down Pineapples?

Flamingoes and upside-down pineapples are a popular eccentric décor item, whether it is for swingers, or not. You can find shirts, shorts, mugs, hats, even house décor items that have this design. In fact, you could decorate an entire room (incl. bathroom) with that specific design. Many do so without an idea that it could stand for swinging, they simply find the décor cutesy and endearing.

Some neighborhoods use “flaming” (flamingoes) someone’s house as a prank, while some restaurants might use either décor as a signature theme. Truly, these are such popular summer décor themes that it is difficult to identify them as exclusively representative of the swinger community. In fact, many children’s items, such as backpacks or clothing have this design, as well.

There are places that allow RV lawn décor and some people use pink flamingos to “flock” others as entertainment. It is not always perceived in a sexual way. Some RV parks do not allow any décor for precisely this reason. 


What other symbols are associated with swingers?

Other secret swinger symbols include a woman wearing an anklet, toe rings, thumb rings and switching your wedding ring to the right hand. Also, some people use garden gnomes, or hot tubs as an indicator, although these are often also just innocent items people use.

Some people state that the unicorn symbol can also represent swinger interests. Other symbols include swaying grass, standing on one leg, tiki drinks etc. (although, some cultures might find this actually offensive as a mis-representation/twisting of their culture).

What does a flamingo mean on a cruise ship?

While it may mean swinging for some, it is also naively cute decor for others. Now, the upside down pineapple on the door is definitely a symbol of interest and availability into swinging.


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