Who’s Next Entry – Version 3 (Final)

Below is my final design for Who’s Next Competition. I really want to thank everyone who made suggestions and provided feedback. I think that this final design achieves the best balance while maintaining the tiny house cluster concept.

The public voting begins tomorrow and you’ll have a chance to review all the submissions. Entries are still being added to Free Green’s system but I took a quick look and there are some very clever designs but many pro architects… so the competition is definitely steep.

Tomorrow I’ll post a link and instructions for voting and I hope after looking through the other entries you’ll still vote for mine 😀 . Just kidding vote for the best design. In the mean time here is what I submitted. I’ll write more about my final design decisions tonight.

6 thoughts on “Who’s Next Entry – Version 3 (Final)

  1. Carey Huffman says:

    Good luck with your entry! I like how you have made a central court without walling it in and adding the connector to allow for passage among the garage and main living and sleeping rooms. Nice job.

  2. jesse says:

    sorry, but i really feel like your design took a huge step backward. “integrated” does not mean “connected with a roof.” on top of that, this design has even less opportunity to use passive solar than your first (and best design).

  3. Joel says:

    I love this design… For me it is the perfect balance between too tiny and big. It has a tad of elbow room that I need. I am also one who eschews squares and rectangles – they are boring to me… but this makes a unique shape that I find awesome.

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