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George Packard, a professional videographer in New Hampshire, recently interviewed tiny house builder Tim Guiles about his tiny house projects (video below). George is currently working on finishing two more videos on tiny houses, one with Jay Shafer and the other with Stephen Marshall of Little House on the Trailer.

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You can learn more about the tiny houses featured in the video at

9 thoughts on “Yes Wee Cabins Video

  1. alice says:

    Love the ladder and the dormer! That side entry makes sense too, and having a little mud room/entry is a great idea. Some things I’d do a bit differently but over all a very workable design. There is a real sense of 3 distinct spaces which can help if more than one person lives there, and can make a single occupant feel like they have different places to go in the house. Excellent video.

  2. SteveR says:

    Thanks for posting this. I will be making further inquiries( his website is a little short on some

    His design seems better suited for the colder climates that he lives in. (I think you would understand the addition of the mud room if you have ever lived in a climate where there is snow/slush/mud for 1/2 of the year)

  3. Bobb says:

    This was an interesting experiment, but I think it is a can. It reminds me of a trailer. The only thing that can be done in it is knit or read. There is not place to cut out a clothing pattern, or for two people to move about. The head space in the loft has not room to make the bed without hitting ones head.

    I do not think we need a great big place but that house is merely existing. I currently live in a one bedroom apartment, where in I have down sized three times, literally throwing out everything I did not need. I do not have two sets of dishes, I use every dish, flatware, pots and pans. I have enough clothing so that I do not need to buy any more clothes. Yet, I am completely out of space and I need to get a two bedroom apartment so that I can get my office (small business owner) out of my living room.

    I think that if a small dwelling could be at least 24′ x 32′ including a full loft space, The small house can be great. How about giving it a try.

    That small 8′ x 18′ house is fine for one person. I feel very sorry for his wife.

    Keep up the good work.


    • Carolyn J Pearson says:

      24′ x 32′ is still quite large for one person. I designed & hand built a 20′ x 24′ passive solar 1 1/2 Cape(saltbox really) on Martha’s Vineyard in 1982. Two people lived in it for 30 yrs no problem. I just had to sell because of age, & the upstairs bedrooms,& downstairs bathroom. I sold it to a couple with one child & a dog, & after 3 yrs I check in & they LOVED it yet. I will be designing & building my last home to get very old in (one floor set up & handicap assessable). but will still be building outside the box.

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