A Cabin for Solar Burrito

Winter was tough for the folks at the Solar Burrito Blog. They own five acres with some friends up on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State and due to heavy snow their yurt collapsed and was ruined. Not being satisfied with the lemons life brought them they launched a search for a more durable shelter.

After some careful research they decided to buy cabin plans and a kit from Penny Pincher Barns. The design they picked is called The Owl’s Clover which measures 200 square feet and has a spacious sleeping loft. Due to the cabin’s size, their intended use, off-grid utilities, and their local building codes, they can build this little cabin without permits which will save them a lot of money and time.

The progress so far includes the removal of the collapsed yurt and the construction of the new foundation. Below you can see the yurt before and after the cave-in, the design of the new cabin, a foundation plan, and some recent progress photos.

To follow the progress of this little cabin be sure visit and bookmark the Solar Burrito Blog.

Photo credit to Solar Burrito.

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