The Living Wall in Buffalo, New York

One hundred first year architecture students attending the State University of New York Buffalo are developing a collection of minimal dwelling unit designs. Each living space will have an entrance, sleeping space for 3 (minimum), and internal circulation. The units will also be interconnected to literally form a single living wall.

To test and learn from their inventions they will live in their spaces for a 24-hour period. The goal of this short stay is to give them first hand experience with their own design decisions. The whole project seems like a great way to give these students some first hand experience creating a project from start to finish.

I also admire the creativity of the extreme shapes they came up with but I hope they walk away with a real sense for the practical value of function. I suspect living in them for a day will help sort that out. Speaking of sleeping, I also wonder if the wall will turn into a impromptu shelter for the homeless who happen to come across it on a cold or rainy night.

The Living Wall is currently located at Griffis Sculpture Park, (Located in Cattaraugus County between Ashford Hollow and East Otto), and will remain on display through October 23, 2010.


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