Stealth Cargo Trailer

One of my Tiny House Living readers, David, posted a link to an article written by Randy Vining that describes his 20 years of living on the road in small mobile spaces. Randy’s current tiny home is a Stealth Cargo Trailer. Randy also has a blog called Mobile Kodgers, which is definitely worth a visit.

Randy has spent more than 7000 nights boondocking (free camping) and his latest creation has made it easier to continue his undetected camping in places like Key West, San Diego, and San Francisco. The total cost of this stealth camping cargo trailer conversion was $7,000. The all-aluminum Featherlite trailer cost him $4,000. The extra money he spent on the base trailer bought him 500 pounds less weight and higher quality construction.

On the roof is a photovoltaic solar array for power and two large 18″ by 24″ roof vents. Inside is a small kitchen, satellite tv & radio, lights, fridge, sofa bed, and a large capacity (30 gallon) toilet. He rigs a shower outside the back of his trailer to wash up.

While this has a different appeal than tiny house, it offers some things a tiny house design might want to strive for, ultra light weight and stealth.

You may also enjoy seeing how a Featherlite trailer is built. I was really impressed with the clever ways they keep the interior sealed from the elements (rivets that do not completely penetrate the roof) and all the careful weather proofing. These trailers are really made to be regularly hauled down a highway, unlike most tiny houses. (BTW… this is not an endorsement of Featherlite trailers… just thought the video was informative.)

David… thanks for posting this in the comments at Tiny House Living!


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