The Advocate Tiny House Project

Advocate Tiny House

The Advocate Tiny House will be created through crowdsourced collaboration. In other words you can help design it, and the Advocate Tiny House team will build it. When the house is complete they’ll use it to share the world of tiny house living with others. The finished house will be available for touring, traveling, classroom learning, workshops, rental, etc.

At this moment in time the only design decision that has been made is the size and source of the trailer. It will be built on top of one of tiny house trailers available through Tiny Home Builders. So it’s the perfect time to jump into the process. Andrew Odom from the Tiny r(E)volution is spearheading the project.

To learn how to participate visit their website, follow them on Facebook and/or Twitter.

One thought on “The Advocate Tiny House Project

  1. Joel says:

    So he wants others to pay for his tiny house, and in return they get to vote on some design elements. Cunning. Good for him if there are enough suckers willing to depart with their money.

    For those generous souls out there, I will be building my tiny house next year. If you want to donate me your hard earned money to build it, please reply to my comment. I promise to be a good advocate for tiny homes and will even let you choose the color of the door mat.

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