Off-Grid Cabin Tour

Ryo Chijiiwa’s cabin (a.k.a. Hut 2.1) is still very much under construction, as you can see in the video tour below, but despite the cold weather Ryo has continued to make steady progress on his tiny cabin in Northern California.

You might notice he’s approached the construction a little differently than most. His cabin is framed a bit more like a tiny timber frame and he’s installing the insulation on the on top of the exterior sheathing, right under the exterior siding. I imagine in the future he’ll have the option to insulate the wall cavities, which would make it very cozy.

Ryo once worked for Google in the Silicon Valley but chose to escape the cubicle farm in search of true freedom. I suspect many people would jump to the conclusion that he’s gone bonkers for buying remote property to live in a tiny house… but of course… I think quite the opposite. I think Ryo figured out – like many of us are starting to figure out – that life might be a lot more fulfilling if we just dialed back the speed a little. A simpler life doesn’t necessarily require building backwoods cabins, but that is definitely one path to take.

If you’d like to help support Ryo in his efforts, he’s produced a 2011 calendar (which I have hanging above my desk now) and has added a donation page to his blog. I don’t know Ryo personally, but I’m happy to chip-in to help him succeed. After all… we’re all stronger together.

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2 thoughts on “Off-Grid Cabin Tour

  1. Sarah says:

    What a great story and i love this webiste. we are chronicling our story to achieve the same freedom from everyday clutter on Blake’s Tiny House website. I look forward to more stories and using this site as a resource! thanks!

  2. Brook says:

    I used to live in a wilderness hut in snow country and ski-commute to work at the ski area and at a restaurant. Formative and worthy adventures. Hey Ryo, do you know of the artist Andy Goldsworthy. I wish i’d known about him when i was alone in the world.

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