Airstream Atlas Guide

What Is An Airstream Atlas?

Overall specifications:

The Airstream Atlas Touring Coach is a Class B recreational vehicle that is 24’ 9” long, can seat up to four people, sleeps up to two people and has only one floor plan layout choice. However, customers can upgrade the features to customize the interior design of the unit.

For example, one can choose the Tommy Bahama® Edition, or choose different luxury leather finishes, flooring options and Euro-style cabinetry.


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The slideout contains the Murphy bed and the bathroom is a luxury 3-piece unit with a full-size shower.

The unit is built on a Mercedes Benz® Sprinter 3500 chassis, has 188 HP engine, has a 7-speed automatic transmission and gets about 16-18 miles on the Highway.

The GVWR/GCWR weights are 11,030/15,250 lbs, respectively.

The unit comes pre-wired for towing and can tow up to 5,000 lbs, allowing for a storage trailer or motorized toys to tag along. The unit’s height is 10’ 6” (including the AC unit) and the width is 7’ 11” on the outside and 6’ 6”/7’ 4” on the inside.

The Atlas has a fresh tank capacity of 20 gallons, a black tank capacity of 27 gallons and a greywater tank capacity of 31 gallons, allowing for extended boondocking adventures.

The unit runs on 30 Amp shore power, but also has a 400 Watt solar system already installed, as well. The water heater is tankless, allowing for continuous hot water during showering.

When it comes to driving, the Atlas is world-class definition of safety and ease of navigation: with Air Ride Suspension, as well as lane keeping assist, collision prevention assist, rear- and side-view cameras, the most airbags available from Mercedes-Benz®, and a MBUX Infotainment System with Garmin navigation and lane guidance, the Atlas has everything to ensure confident travel.

What makes the Airstream Atlas special?

The Airstream Atlas is a Class B that has been built on the legendary Mercedes Benz® Sprinter Van chassis, so that one can expect excellence, luxury and comfort all in one. With that level of upgrade, some affectionately refer to this RV as a Class B+.

The Atlas combines form and function excellence from the driver seat, all the way to the shower design.

The warranty and customer service are exceptional: 24/7/365 roadside assistance is included in the purchase, as well as a 3-year/36,000 miles Airstream and Mercedes Benz® warranty.

What is Airstream Atlas known for?

The Airstream Atlas is currently the only Airstream that has a slideout. While slideouts add much more interior square footage to an RV, their quality is really important, because slideout repairs can be really expensive and cumbersome.

In addition, slideout issues, such as leaks, can cause significant damage to the entire unit very quickly. Airstream took a risk by adding a slideout to the Atlas model, but they also chose a quality slideout system after past slideout design issues on other models.

With the unique Airstream design and the brand image, the company was very deliberate about this design choice. Overall, the Airstream Atlas is synonymous with luxury travel.

Owning an Airstream brings a level of ownership pride and confidence in workmanship that are unparalleled in the RV market.

Why Is Airstream Atlas Expensive?

With a starting price point of $289,911 (for the 2022 model, as listed on the Airstream Website), this RV is definitely designed with the higher-end clientele in mind.

Not being an entry-level or even a mid-point RV, but a luxury experience, this vehicle is tailored toward older/retired singles or couples who want the home comfort and minimal technical issues and are willing to pay for that upfront.

Within this price point, the Atlas competes with many luxury Class A models, although (like mentioned above), this RV truly is a class of its own.

While Class A is a great fit for individuals who are comfortable driving a big rig and love the space to spread out, the Atlas is a great blend of minimalism and luxury comfort with maximized space use in layout.

Because it is not a Class A, it makes it easier to drive and maneuver, allowing access to all National Parks and many RV Parks that might have access and space restrictions. The Atlas is nimble enough to get to the most breath-taking sites of America and easy to drive so that even the more hesitant passengers can take turns.

The Atlas is in its own price category because of several reasons:

  1. It’s an Airstream.
  2. It’s a Class B (meaning, you don’t need an expensive tow vehicle).
  3. The offgrid features are built in.
  4. The standard features that would be considered an upgrade for other brands are included in base price.

The target market demographic for this RV are mostly two main categories: the 65+ retired singles or couples who want to travel without a worry of lacking comfort or having to deal with ongoing technical issues.

The second group are younger singles or couples who decided to sell their “sticks-and-bricks” homes and want to live comfortably in an RV full-time while exploring the world.

The second group size has increased significantly since 2020, with people wanting to make the most of their lives, experiencing traveling freedom and appreciating each life moment, placing memory-making freedom over dollars.

Airstream Atlas Features

When listing the Atlas features, it is almost overwhelming to decide where to begin, as there are so many:


  • Powered armless awning that automatically retracts in high winds
  • Sleek modern design of Mercedes Benz® Chassis
  • Automatic entry step (tucks away when not in use/driving)
  • Air-Ride Suspension
  • Lockable storage
  • Seamless weatherproof body kit

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  • Comfortable leather captain’s chairs (can be converted into comfortable extra sleep area)
  • Modern luxury design on all cabinetry and finishes
  • Ergonomic and space-maximizing layout
  • 3-piece full-size bathroom
  • Hideaway 40-inch LED TV
  • Foldaway Murphy bed that folds down over the leather sofa (when in the flat position)
  • Luxury leather sofa with extending leg rests
  • High-end kitchen (deep sink, retractable faucet, cooktop, plenty of storage, refrigerator, freezer, convection microwave)
  • Luxury material choices for furniture, cabinetry and flooring


Airstream Atlas

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Airstream Atlas

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Airstream Atlas

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  • Prewired for Airstream Connected kit
  • Several active safety assist features (cross traffic, parking, braking, blind spot, lane keep, and more)
  • Power stabilizer jacks (one-button-powered)


  • Solar package
  • 2 kW Onan® Diesel generator
  • Good-size freshwater/gray/black tanks for extended offgrid adventures

Luxury splurge items:

RV tour video: (Spotlight Video posted there)


How Much Does An Airstream Atlas Cost?

You can purchase a brand-new Atlas as low as $289,911 up to “sky’s the limit with add-ons and upgrades”); although you might be able to get some dealership concessions depending on your purchase area, dealership, as well as your negotiation strategy and vantage point (e.g. paying in cash).

Airstream announced the release of the Atlas model back in 2017 and the unit costs have been climbing progressively in the last few years:


Year Starting MSRP Added features
2020 $238,071 Interior upgrades
2021 $244,046 Interior decor
2022 $289,911 Off-grid, solar,generator


Much of the pricing increase can be attributed to the climbing demand, as well as inflation, labor and material shortages over the last two years. However, with over 50 Best-in-class features overall, this unit is still standing out unparalleled among its peers.

How Much Does An Airstream Atlas Sell For?

Where can you find the most affordable used Airstream Atlas for sale? has best options for private RV buying or selling transactions. Of course, one can also always check with Airstream dealers regarding used inventory or with local RV consignment centers, as well, but the best price without added fees and transaction costs is a private transaction.

Whenever purchasing a used RV, it is always advisable to spend the extra money upfront on a thorough RV inspection PRIOR to signing a purchase contract.

This is especially critical during private out-of-state transactions at this price point. Make sure you hire a trained and certified RV inspector to perform a thorough pre-purchase inspection to protect your large purchase.

A used 2020 Airstream Atlas can be purchased from a private party on for  $200,000-$240,000, depending on its condition, mileage, upgrades etc.

A used 2021 Airstream Atlas runs anywhere from $245,000-260,000, depending on its condition, seller’s location and the unit’s mileage.

A used 2022 Airstream Atlas can be found online for $260,000-277,000, which is still cheaper than a brand-new unit from the dealership (but keep in mind that it might have unknown issues).

What is a good base pricing for reference?

The starting price point for a brand-new 2022 Atlas unit is $289,911, as listed on the manufacturer’s Website. That being said, the dealers often negotiate concessions and discounts for up to 30 percent off MSRP, depending on location and dealership.

Although the RV market was highly competitive from 2020, which led to very low new-unit discounts and infrared used unit prices, the gas and diesel prices of 2022 have cooled off the high demand for RV’s due to a lower travel budget for most individuals.

However, expensive components, materials and current inflation (incl. labor cost), as well as long lead times for new unit builds continue to keep the dealership pricing close to MSRP in most locations in the US.

Can You Rent An Airstream Atlas?

RV rental has become very popular these days. There are many different Websites dedicated to RV rentals, such as,, or even where one can search for an Airstream Atlas rental.

Usually, there is a minimum stay and a deposit required. The rates vary greatly based on the location, the owner’s rates, the condition of the unit etc. but on average, one can expect to pay about $399/night for use of the unit PLUS fuel and a ($1,000 or more security deposit).

When renting for extended periods of time, such as weekly or monthly, the owner usually gives a longer-use discount to incentivize longer rental times (while saving cleanup/marketing/no-use costs, as well).

Airstream Atlas Reviews

Sites such as or provide honest owner feedback on individual units.  One couple wrote an extensive overview of this unit, and the biggest downside for them was that the Atlas does not have a porcelain toilet! (Source:

At that price point I would agree that this is a simple upgrade that should have been done right from the beginning and I hope that Airstream is addressing this issue by now.

However, the overall consensus seems to be that the Atlas is a great choice, although the customer service response from Airstream has decreased somewhat since 2020 (Source:

Is Airstream Atlas Worth The Money?


  • Level of detail (even in small things, such as selection of cabinet hinges)
  • Level of luxury
  • Technical and overall customer support
  • Being part of the Airstream community
  • Ease of travel
  • Minimal to no technical repair cost in the first 3 years of ownership


  • Pricetag

Overall, as the saying goes: “you get what you pay for”, this definitely holds for the Airstream Atlas. You pay for the brand, the reputation, the quality, the pride in craftsmanship and pride of ownership. You also pay for the technical support and ease of mind when using this RV.


Does Airstream Atlas have a bathroom?

The Airstream Atlas comes with a luxurious 3-piece bathroom: a teakwood-inlaid shower that is residential full-size, as well as a vanity and a toilet. The bathroom is fairly spacious.

What is the bed size in an Airstream Atlas?

The Atlas comes with a 73” x 73” Murphy bed that is folded up into the slideout wall when not in use and when traveling (as it is located in the slideout area). The bed still allows for enough room to walk around when fully extended. When not in use, the Murphy bed area features a reclining leather sofa, with leg rest extensions so that one can fully enjoy the view of the hideaway 40-inch LED Smart TV.

Can you live in an Airstream Atlas?

The Atlas is a great choice for full-time RVers due to the fact that it is off-grid-friendly, feels like a high-end apartment or hotel and is spacious enough for two individuals to have a dedicated work and living space.

Is the Airstream Atlas 4-wheel drive?

The Atlas has exclusive Air-Ride Suspension that makes travel very comfortable and keeps the stress on the interior to a minimum. The system adjusts to bumpy roads, change in elevation and even change in air resistance.

Some additional features include lane keeping assist, collision prevention assist, rear- and side-view cameras, the most airbags available from Mercedes-Benz, and a MBUX Infotainment System with Garmin navigation and lane guidance.

This ensures that even the most hesitant drivers can feel at ease when driving the Atlas.

Does Airstream Atlas hold its value?

Consider the Airstream Atlas being an equivalent of a used Toyota when it comes to retaining its value. As with any Airstream, the unit is built with exceptional quality and attention to detail. The pride in workmanship and the sleek form and function are coveted and expected among Airstream enthusiasts.

Those who purchase and Airstream do so with the confidence that the unit will hold its value over the years. Many Airstream owners keep their unit for a much longer time than an average RV owner, as well.

Is Airstream Atlas diesel?

Yes, the Airstream Atlas has a Mercedes-Benz® 3.0L V6 Turbo Diesel engine, which averages approximately 16-18 mpg on a highway.

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