Alternative Housing via The United States Mission

This is a bit off-topic but seems to be a worthy alternative housing cause.

I normally don’t give door-to-door solicitors the time of day. Sorry but the numerous scams I’ve seen come to my door have tainted this face-to-face sales method for me. But I typically listen politely for a few seconds before telling them ‘good luck’ and send them on their way. After all sometimes you do find someone with a worthy cause at your door.

Today a nice fellow with a very worthy cause came to my door. While I never give people money at my door, I do check out their websites and do a bit of research. Here’s what the United States Mission is all about:

“Our purpose is to provide our residents with a long term clean and sober home with quality meals and a self-help work program that provides each person with the opportunity of turning their lives around.

We have discovered, in working with the homeless since 1962, that the problem is far from confined to the mentally ill and addicted, but extends across all boundaries of age, background or race.

While we are a religious corporation we are strictly dedicated to service. Belief in any faith or method of worship is never a requirement for the men and women entering our program. What is required is a sincere desire to get off the streets for good and return to society in a productive and positive way.”

Ironically they go on to say that they use door-to-door fun raising as their primary method of support. In terms of fund-raising methods I’d say that’s a tough path to walk especially on a hundred degree day like today. So… I hope to send them a little digital traffic to their website with this post.

In a nutshell the United States Mission is setting up homes, like the one pictured above in Carmichael, California for veterans and other folks who want a safe, drug & alcohol free place to live while rebuilding their lives.  They are a non-rpofit organization so donations should be tax-deductible.

To learn more about this alternative housing option for the homeless please visit the United States Mission website.

If you do decide to donate and they ask for an EMM# please give them 21234. I think that’s the number given to the fellow that came to my door. I get nothing but good karma for sharing that number with you… and maybe he will too.

If you know of a non-profit that helps people find homes, especially tiny mortgage-free homes, I’d be happy to help tell the story between tiny house designs.


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