Bullet Campers Guide – Comparison + Cost

If you’re thinking about purchasing a camping trailer, then you’re sure to understand by now how many options are on the market. While variety is good because it means getting exactly what you’re looking for, it can also feel overwhelming.

Bullet Campers

In this article, we’ll provide you with an extensive overview of Bullet campers so you can decide whether or not these camper vans are the ones for you. 

What Is a Bullet Camper?

Bullet campers are lightweight camper vans with intelligent features that offer durability and practicality and come in a wide range of sizes and floorplans.

There are three styles of the Bullet camper: Bullet Travel Trailers, Bullet Crossfire Travel Trailers, and Premier Travel Trailers.

There are 43 unique floorplans within these three styles that consumers can choose from, and the Bullet campers range from 21 feet 4 inches to 37 feet 6 inches, with a ceiling height between 10 feet 4 inches and 11 feet 4 inches.

Bullets range widely in size and can accommodate everything from a single couple to a multigenerational family, with sleeping capacities ranging between 4 and 11 people.

These ultralight trailers are ideal for practically any family, as they’re easy to tow with virtually any light-duty truck or SUV.

Features of the Bullet camper include:

  • Hyperdeck™ RV flooring is made with inorganic, hydrophobic materials that help repel water and resists water damage
  • Vaulted ceilings with heights of nearly 11 feet offer a spacious feel
  • Back up camera prep, which makes maneuvering even the largest Bullet campers easy
  • Handy laundry chute that leads to pass-through storage
  • The primary bedroom includes a queen-sized bed
  • Windows slide and feature tinted safety glass, which helps with glare, sun damage, and safety
  • The bathroom features a full shower and bathtub
  • Every bedroom has 110v outlets and television hookups

The Bullet camper is ideal for use on long road trips and is compatible with most utility vehicles. The features and appealing design are perfect for those looking to step up their camping game or avoid expensive and unnecessary hotel fees when traveling.

Who Makes Bullet Campers?

Bullet campers, including the Crossfire and Premier models, are manufactured by the Keystone RV company. With a focus on trailers designed for travel and camping, this Indiana-based company has prioritized quality since the mid-1990s.

Cole Davis founded the company in 1996 to provide quality, durable recreational vehicles that were reasonably priced considering their quality and innovation. Today, the company has a reputation for creating quality RVs, and they are the leading manufacturer of towable RVs in North America.

Keystone prides itself on its extremely high manufacturing standards, which feature multi-point quality control and encourages employees to take ownership of quality at every stage of manufacturing.

In addition, their focus on innovation remains a tenet of their business models, and features such as their HyperDeck™ RV Floor system, color-coded 12V unified wiring, and high-performance airflow system are what keep Keystone customers satisfied with their purchase.

Customer service is also at the core of Keystone, and the company has done an excellent job ushering consumers into the twenty-first century with a seamless online buying experience, an exhaustive library of How-tos and DIY videos, and an extensive customer service team available to answer any and all questions relating to their RVs.

How Much Do Bullet Campers Cost?

Bullet campers are available in a wide range of prices and models, and you can build and price your Bullet camper to best meet your budget and needs.

There are three models of Bullet campers: the Bullet, Bullet Crossfire, and Premier. The bullet is the most standard model, and you can buy the cheapest model for under $30,000, while the Premier is the most expensive model and can get up to $65,000.

Below are the base price ranges for the three Bullet camper models.

Bullet Bullet Crossfire Premier
$28,905 – $65,043 $30,009 – $43,314 $42,633 – $65,043


Below are some of the best Bullet camper models and their base price points.

Bullet 331BHS

The Bullet 331BHS starts at $55,337.

  • Length: 37 feet 6 inches
  • Weight: 7,127 lbs.
  • Height: 10 feet 11 inches
  • Sleeping Capacity: 11 people
  • Amenities:
    • Tri-fold sofa w/ cupholders & storage
    • Outdoor kitchen
    • Vaulted ceilings
    • Full-depth cabinets
    • Tru-fit™ slide construction
    • Hyper Deck™ flooring
    • Furrion® microwave
    • Furrion® three burner gas range/oven w/ flush mount glass cover & low profile hood

Bullet Crossfire 2730BH

The Bullet Crossfire 2730BH starts at $41,334.

  • Length: 31 feet 2 inches
  • Weight: 5,544 lbs.
  • Height: 10 feet 8 inches
  • Sleeping Capacity: 10 people
  • Amenities:
    • Laundry chute to pass-through storage
    • Fabric nightshades
    • Full-depth cabinets
    • 4G LTE and Wi-Fi prep
    • Hyper Deck™ flooring
    • LED reading lights above bed
    • Single basin stainless steel sink w/ cover

Premier 34RIPR

The Premier 34RIPR starts at $64,421.

  • Length: 38 feet 3 inches
  • Weight: 7,729 lbs.
  • Height: 11 feet 4 inches
  • Sleeping Capacity: 6 people
  • Amenities:
    • Roller shades
    • Electric fireplace
    • Vaulted ceilings
    • Full-depth cabinets
    • Stor-Mor drawers & Dream Dinette™
    • 60″ x 80″ full-size queen bed
    • Double 110v and USB outlets on each side
    • Full bathtub and shower with skylights

Bullet Campers

What Can You Do With Bullet Campers?

One of the biggest perks when buying a Bullet travel trailer is the customizability that comes along with selecting your preferred model. Not only can you choose the product line, size, and floorplan that you’re interested in, but you can select models or add on specific features that you wish to include.

Accessories that are not available on all base models of Bullet campers that you can choose to add to your trailer include upgrades from the SolarFlex™ 200 to the SolarFlex™ 400i, Dragonfly Energy 2-100ah DFE Heated Lithium Batteries, larger refrigerators, and higher-powered air conditioning units.

When you select the camper van that you’re interested in purchasing on the Keystone website, simply click “build,” and you will have the ability to opt into all the features you wish your van to have.

In addition to having control over what features your Bullet camper has, you can winterize your vehicle, preventing damage to your trailer, such as freezing pipes.

To winterize your vehicle, you’ll need to gather the following supplies:

  • A blowout plug adaptor
  • An air compressor
  • A screwdriver, or drill
  • RV antifreeze (marine-grade antifreeze works as well, just make sure you’re not using automotive antifreeze)

Once you’ve gathered all the necessary supplies, simply follow the following steps:

  1. Locate the “access” valve on the camper’s outside by the kitchen; open the valve to drain the water heater.
  2. Locate and open the low-point drains near the water heater, which are usually on the underside of your camper.
  3. Run every hot and cold faucet inside your camper, and any on the outside of the camper as well, if your Bullet model has outdoor faucets.
  4. While the faucets are running, open the freshwater drain on the underside of the camper.
  5. Stop running any faucets that you turned on.
  6. Connect their air compressor to your city water connection, which you can typically find next to the fresh-water fill access, and turn it on.
  7. Begin running each faucet, one at a time, until the water stops running out of it. Let each faucet entirely run out of water before moving on.
  8. Disconnect the compressor from the city water connection.
  9. Finally, locate the bypass valve on the camper’s water heater (the valve is marked by the words “on” or “winterize, depending on what Bullet model you have). You should then connect the antifreeze to the water pump with the pick-up tube.
  10. Flush the toilet and run each faucet until you can see the anti-freeze (it should be pink) running through the line.

While this process can be confusing the first time you do it, it’s relatively intuitive after that, and Bullet has created a seamless process ensuring that you can winterize your camper yourself.

Where To Buy Bullet Campers for Sale

If you’re interested in buying a Bullet camper brand new, consider purchasing it from the following retailers:

  • Keystone RV Company: by buying directly from the Keystone store, you’ll have the best chance of building your ideal camper, and Keystone’s customer support team can guide you through the process.
  • Lazydays RV: Lazydays RV is an online RV retailer where you can buy new and used Bullet campers. However, be prepared for significantly fewer options and less customizability when purchasing.
  • Your local RV supplier; if you want to get a feel for what the RVs are like in person, consider visiting a recreational vehicle retailer near you and buying your Bullet in person.

If you’re interested in buying a used Bullet camper, consider purchasing it from the following retailers:

  • Camping World: this is an excellent option for used Bullets with a wide selection of trailers and financing options available.
  • General RV Center: this is a trusted new and used RV website where you can find a good deal on a Bullet camper, but be prepared for fewer options.

Are Bullet Campers Any Good?

Consumers who purchased Bullet camper vans were generally pleased and praised these campers for their intelligent design features like laundry chutes, convertible kitchen island in select models, and thoughtful layouts.

Most buyers were pleasantly surprised with how spacious select models of the campers were and how the layouts were suitable for entire families to feel like they had enough space and privacy.

Furthermore, the queen-sized beds, multiple bathrooms (on select models), and ample storage were huge selling points for buyers.

However, some consumers complained about the overall quality of the campers and noted that despite the company’s pledge to uphold the highest quality standards, the campers seemed to have pain points like soft, easily damaged flooring and cheaply-made cabinetry.

Fortunately, Keystone offers a 1-year limited warranty that will cover manufacturing defects and materials and a 3-Year limited structural warranty.


Below are some frequently asked questions when buying Bullet camper vans.

How much does a bullet camper weigh?

Bullet campers vary in size, and with 43 different floorplans to choose from, they vary in weight as well. Bullet campers range in weight between 3,657 and 7,765 pounds.

How much is a silver bullet camper?

The Keystone Bullet camper is different from silver bullet campers, which Airstream manufactures. These trailers can be costly, but you’ll want to consult their website for exact pricing.

Who makes bullet premier campers?

Bullet Premier campers, one of the three lines of Bullet campers, are manufactured by Keystone RV Company.

Are Keystone bullet campers good?

Keystone bullet campers have an excellent reputation, and Keystone is the leading manufacturer of towable RVs in the United States. The quality and durability of Keystone bullets make them appealing to consumers.

Final Thoughts

Although selecting a camper can be stressful, especially if you get bogged down in all the options, the Keystone Bullet campers are reliable. They feature innovative technology, which makes them stand out.

Furthermore, they’re a highly desirable option because of their extensive floorplan offerings and customizability.

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