Compact Cabins from Sweden

SASA1 - Exterior ALternate

Above is the SASA1, a design from Kjellander + Sjoberg Arkitektkontor, an architectural firm in Stockholm, Sweden. They have developed a line of 15m2 (160 square feet) cabins designed to avoid building permits. They can be adapted for many different functions such as saunas, studios, garden offices, and workshops. Some can even be used year-round.

The cabins also come with a warranty and fixed price for construction. Installation is quick because each cabin is prefabricated making assembly fast. Below are more designs – scroll down. Photo credit to Kjellander + Sjoberg Arkitektkontor. Directly below is the floor plan for the SASA1

Post updated July 2013

SASA1 - Floor Plan



KS2 Floor Plan

Spröjs 1

Sprjs - Exterior



TVH2 - Exterior ALternative TVH2 - Exterior TVH2 - Floor Plan


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