Covert Trailer

Another on of my readers sent me a cool tiny house design with a couple of unique features. Here’s what Chris says about the design:

I am a builder and aspiring architect, and have been thinking a lot recently about space efficiency and cheap, sustainable living. I’ve drawn up a plan for an 8’x12′ trailer house I thought I’d share with you. There isn’t anything earth-shattering about the design, but I incorporated a few unique things, including a pneumatically controlled drawbridge door that opens up one wall of the house during good weather, an integrated murphy bed, sliding glass bathroom door and a roof that opens pneumatically as well to let sunlight in.

Even without the tricky pneumatic stuff this design is really nice and full featured for such a compact trailer. I’ve included a few photos here but you can see them all on Flickr. Thanks again for sharing these with us Chris!


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