Earthbag House Plans

Owen Geiger over at Earthbag House Plans has been busy. He has posted the preliminary designs for about 77 plans for earthbag homes available on his newest website.

An earthbag home is essentially a home made from the dirt under your feet. It’s scooped up and placed in bags like old grain bags or sandbags. They are then laid up like bricks and you can build strait walls, curved walls, and domes.

It’s probably the fastest and easiest way to build walls and the best part is that it’s as cheap as dirt. To learn more about building with earthbags visit Earth Bag Building. Here is a sample of what you’ll find:

Photo credit to the people at and

12 thoughts on “Earthbag House Plans

  1. Zana Hart says:

    Owen’s plans can also be bought at my husband’s website — at least some are there.

    We used to live with Owen in our earthbag house in Colorado and he is incredibly creative and detailed.

  2. jovir says:

    Hi, im very much interested with this kind of architecture and would very much like to own one primarily because because its easy to build and light on the budget too.
    For a while, dome houses created quite a stir but eventually died down here in the Philippines. Sure wish, there are still contractors around here to help me.

    more power to you always!

    • Quentin Wilson says:

      The Dicker Stack Stack system preceeded Khalili by about twenty years. There is one near me in Espanola, NM, USA, standing presently with no roof. When bags are scarce, wood not available, adobe bricks can be patted into shape and left to dry in the sun as the women of Mali do along the banks of the Niger River.

  3. Gemma says:

    Actually Owen does, in deed, give credit to Nader Khalili and the other souls who preceded his own participation in FFRE, Flexible Form Rammed Earth. THe website includes MANY videos of projects around the world with more being added all the time.

    And there is a blog with constant updates of developments.

  4. Charity on Wheels Foundation says:

    Hello friends,
    My name is Ivo Christov and I’m writhing you this letter from Sofia, Bulgaria. Allow me to introduce myself with few words: I and my wife are founders of “Charity on Wheels” Foundation, recently established and created for one simple purpose – to build an ecological village made only by earth bags.
    This idea is very innovative, nature-friendly, beautiful and cheap.
    With this intention and for that reason we are going to raise money through an European tandem bike tour including Greece, Albania, Croatia, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, England, Nederland, Deutschland, Poland, Ukraine, Moldova and Rumania.
    The thing that we want from you is to help us with contacts, people, ideas, eventual workshops or places to visit and see already build domes of earth bags across the Europe.
    Thank you in advance,
    Best regards,

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