Good Sam’s Mail Service Guide

Does Good Sam Have Mail Service?

When one takes a 2-week vacation, they just place their mail on hold and get it re-delivered to their “bricks-and-sticks” home address upon return. In fact, the USPS can hold mail for vacation for 30 consecutive days. For extended travel time, one can have relatives collect the mail or have it forwarded to wherever you are at that time. That’s where the RV mail forwarding service comes in.

Good Sams Mail Service

This service is for those who travel for long periods of time, either part-time or full-time. That way, you never miss out on anything important and don’t have to worry about logistics or even the cost of re-shipping things to certain places. This is especially helpful when RVing in more remote parts of the US.

Good Sam offers mail services to their members. It comes at a set fee and offers a plethora of different conveniences and services, based on the subscription level one chooses. Your mail goes to Good Sam and they get it to you, if and when you want it.

How Does Good Sam’s Mail Service Work?

The Good Sam Mail Service has two different plans, one for individuals and one for businesses.

When you subscribe to a plan, you establish a mailing address with Good Sam Mail Service where all your mail is sent to from a set point. Good Sam then scans your mail, sends you images of what you received and you can decide whether you want it sent to where you are, or discarded. They can forward letters, subscriptions and packages.

What Is Included In Good Sam’s Mail Services?

The Good Sam Mail Service includes:

  • Images of mail with premium/business service
  • Free scans of envelope contents
  • Initiate check deposits from Good Sam Mail Service account
  • Ship automatically or manually with UPS, FedEx or USPS
  • Physical street address in Florida
  • Review mail with live representatives

For business accounts:

  • Personal local or toll-free number
  • Customizable call forwarding
  • Send and receive fax electronically
  • Voicemail and personal greeting

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How Much Is Good Sam’s Mail Service?

There is a monthly or an annual subscription fee that is $22.41 for Good Sam members and $24.90 for non-members monthly as individuals, and $39.95 monthly for business members.

If you pay annually, the cost is $224.10/249.00 for member/non-member individuals or $399 for business.

Is Good Sam’s Mail Service Worth It?

Most full-time RVers who choose Good Sam Mail Service are quite happy with the convenience and dependability of the service and find the expense being a  good investment.

In fact, there are many happy campers, pun intended, when it comes to Good Sam’s Mail Service:

“We have used them now going on 4 years. They are wonderful. We have them trash the junk mail therefore the postage is lower on the items they send me. I have them forward to General Delivery wherever we are camping.”

“The Good Sam Mail Service is actually done through “myRVmail”. I spoke to them on the phone today and the woman I spoke to was exceptionally helpful and super friendly. While their rates are not the cheapest, I appreciated seeing “Happy Travels & God Bless!” on the bottom of the information page. I think the ability to view your “inbox” online and select what you want trashed, shredded and forwarded is awesome and worth the price.

Oh, and the address they give you is easy to use and doesn’t look too much like a hokey address some places might frown on:

First Last

5715 Hwy 85 North #xxxx

Crestview, FL 32536”


Good Sams Mail Service

Who Are Good Sams’ Competitors?

Some of the other companies that offer mail services (incl. their service subscription price range) are:

  • Escapees RV Club (Florida and Texas): $95-135 annually for members ($49.95 annual membership fee)
  • Texas Home Base (Texas): $130-220/annually
  • Traveling Mailbox (online mailbox, not a substitute for residency address): $15-55/month
  • America’s Mailbox (South Dakota): $149.99-189.99/annually (quarterly or seasonal services available).

Is Good Sam’s The Best Mail Service For RVers?

It depends on the travel duration and length of stay at each RV park. There are many different options to choose from:

  1. Choose a Resort with a Mail Center.
  2. Have Friends or Family Forward Mail.
  3. Use an RV Mail Forwarding Service.
  4. Try USPS General Delivery or a P.O. Box.
  5. Ship to a UPS Store.
  6. Look for a Shipping Locker (for example, Amazon).

However, for full-time RVers who don’t often stay at a RV park with a mail center, but rather travel most of the time (incl. remote locations), the Good Sam Mail Service might be the best fit with the options it offers.


Where can you use a Good Sam card?

Unlike the Good Sam Rewards Credit Card (which you can use anywhere), The Good Sam Rewards Store Card is a card that can only be used at Good Sam, Camping World, Gander Outdoors and Overton’s. This card is not affiliated with any major card network.

How do you write your address when living in an RV?

Some RV parks have their own mailing address and “mail center” at the front office for visitors who stay for two or more weeks. In such cases, usually one writes the name of the park, adding Attn: <Visitor’s Name>, and then the RV park’s mailing address (as directed by their office staff).

You can also use a mail forwarding service to your location (if you stay in a place for long enough for the mail to catch up with you). In that case, your “brick and mortar” address remains the same. You can also ask a family member or a friend to use their address for that purpose.

When using the Good Sam mailing service, it’s similar to mail forwarding service, with several added features. You will have a physical mailing address in Florida, with your name, street and city. Good Sam Mail Service provides that.

Does Good Sam ship the mail directly to their customer?

This depends on the customer’s preferences: you review the mail and then decide what you want to do with it: from forwarding to opening and scanning to depositing checks to trashing junk mail.

What is the fastest way to get mail?

The fastest way to get mail when RVing full-time is to get something express-shipped (FedEx, UPS or USPS) directly to the RV address you are staying at. That will still be the fastest way of all the options available.

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