How Does the TSD Logistics Fuel Card Program Work?

It can be expensive to run an RV, especially when you’re on a cross-country road trip, and with diesel prices on the rise, you might be forgiven for considering the wisdom of life on the road. But don’t throw in the towel too soon; first, sign up for a TSD card and receive significant discounts on your fuel costs. Read on to find out more about the TSD card for cheaper diesel.

RV Tsd Fuel Card

A TDS fuel card is issued by TDS Logistics. TDS Logistics is a distribution company with fleets of trucks that use diesel fuel. The company realized that it can procure cheaper diesel fuel when it is bought in bulk; instead of buying more trucks, it passes the savings onto RV drivers.

How the TSD Logistics fuel card program works

If you want cheaper diesel fuel for your RV, the first step is to apply for an EFS card on the TDS Logistics website. Once issued, it can be used at truck stops that have trucking lanes. When you use the card, you receive a discount on diesel fuel based on the negotiated prices.

TSD RV fuel card application process

It’s very straightforward to sign up for an EFS card and start receiving a discount at truck stops on your diesel fuel. Simply visit the TSD Logistics website and apply for the fuel card program. The TSD card will be issued; when you receive it, you can download the app on your phone.

What is needed

To apply for a TSD card, you only need to visit the website and fill in the application form; however, you will also need your social security number, which is a problem for some people. That said, TSD doesn’t use credit checks, so if they need to track payments, they use the SSN.

How to apply

Applying for a TSD card that reduces your diesel fuel costs at selected truck stops is very easy. All you have to do is visit the TSD logistics website and fill out a short form. It only takes five minutes, and you can save hundreds of dollars in fuel. Remember, you will need your SSN.

How do you use a TSD fuel card?

The TSD card is very easy to use! After you have signed up on the website and received your card through the mail, download the TSD app. The app is called Open Road, and it’s available on Apple and Android devices. TSD offers an integrated system that allows you to spend and save.

Step 1:

The first step to securing cheaper fuel prices for your RV is to download the TSD app, which is called Open Road. The Open Road app shows you where the nearest discount truck stop is. The app also shows you the cost of the fuel and the discount you get using the card.

Step 2:

Once you have the app, you can find the nearest truck station offering a TSD discount. For a truck stop to qualify, it needs to be signed up to TSD Logistics fuel and have a truck lane for fueling up. Open Road app makes it easy to find the nearest qualifying fuel station for your discount.

Step 3:

Park at the diesel truck lanes and insert your debit or credit card; you will then be given a chance to insert your TSD card. You will be given the option of different fuel types, such as tractor fuel, but you should only select the qualifying diesel fuel. The machine will activate.

Step 4:

Next, fill up your RV with discount fuel from the TSD fuel program. Some fuel stations allow you to fill the RV up from the same side as the RV fuel cap, but other stations have alternative setups. You might have to activate the main pump and use a satellite pump on the other side.

Step 5:

When you have finished filling up, you can use the Open Road app to track your fuel spending and fuel savings. After you have hung up the nozzle, check the Open Road app to make sure the discount is updated and your fuel has been processed. The app is user-friendly and convenient.

RV Tsd Fuel Card

Where can you use TSD fuel card?

There are thousands of places across the country where you can buy TSD discount fuel. The best thing to do is to check your Open Road app before you need to fill it up, and the map will show you all the qualifying locations in the surrounding area. Some areas are listed below.

TSD fuel card locations

Whatever state you’re driving through, you should be able to find a TSD location. TSD is a logistics company with an extensive network throughout the country; if the TSD fleet can find suitable fuel companies for its fleet fuel, then RV owners shouldn’t have any trouble at all.

Knoxville, Tennesee | Gaffney, South Carolina | Punta Gorda, Florida | Ocala, Florida | Jackson, Georgia | Demotte, Indianapolis | Madison, Wisconsin | Bloomington, Illinois | Mount Vernon, Missouri | Syre, Oklahoma | Willcox, Minneapolis | Coachella, California |

If you are in any doubt about TSD locations, check the Open Road map or contact the website. TSD has a responsive website that is happy to inform you about the TSD card and the available locations. That said, the Open Road app is comprehensive when it comes to local gas stations.

Is there a TSD fuel card for gas?

At present, the TSD card issued by TSD logistics can only be used for diesel fuel credit. TSD only negotiates on bulk fuel costs for diesel, however, there are plans to include gas in the future. The good news is that the majority of recreational vehicles use diesel and not gasoline.

Is TSD fuel card legit?

When you look at some of the amazing discounts you get when using a TSD card, it’s easy to assume that the card is not legitimate. However, the discounts are the result of TDS buying diesel in bulk for its fleet. TSD saves money doing this and passes the cheaper fuel onto others.

Other discount gas fuel cards for RV owners in 2022


Mudflap is a discount card for RV owners and distribution fleets. The card is available at thousands of fuel stops across the country and is simple to use. All you have to do is choose a fuel stop and press the green button. The card is linked to your bank account for charging.

Although Mudflap is a suitable alternative to TSD, there are some downsides. For one thing, the Mudflap card does not offer diesel exhaust fluid, but there are plans to include this fuel type. Also, remember your code when you go to the store clerk, so you are not charged for other fuel.

Gas Buddy

Gas Buddy is another discount card that’s useful for RV owners. These card partners with 140,000 truck lanes in America, Canada, and Australia. Despite its name Gas Buddy only offers diesel fuel discounts, again, these fuel discounts are perfect for RV owners that use diesel.

The upside of using Gas Buddy is the app which is convenient for finding qualifying stations and offers a discount points system. The downside is the limited gas stations which exclude some of the major ones like Exxon and Costco.

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