How to Build a Greenhouse

Cody (a.k.a Wranglerstar) is one of the folks I follow on YouTube and Facebook. He regularly posts great how-to videos he films on his homestead near White Salmon, Washington. While this short video series focuses on building a greenhouse, it demonstrates how quickly the shell of a small building can be framed. He found the plans for this greenhouse at Ana White’s website.

While a small building like this is not unlike a tiny house there are some significant differences which will add to the time and cost to a tiny house project. As you can see here the shell of stick framed building goes up quickly. To make it comfortable for living more steps are needed like making it weather tight, insulating the shell, finishing the interior, installing utilities, and so on. Learn more about how to build a tiny house.

Cody is also working on a timber frame cabin and documenting every step. Compared to timber framing, stick framing goes very quickly as you can see in the greenhouse construction videos below. You can also watch them on Cody’s YouTube Channel.

I’ll add the final video(s) when Cody posts it on YouTube.

3 thoughts on “How to Build a Greenhouse

  1. Tom says:

    A greenhouse doesn’t need to be built like a house frame with plastic on it.

    Mother Earth News had an article “Mother’s Portable Garden Room” in the March 97 issue. They changed the name of the article, but if you search for “portable greenhouse” or “stimson marine” you should be able to find it. They modified shed plans from Stimson Marine, which are still available here:

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