How to build a Tumbleweed Tiny House

Jay Shafer and the team at the Tumbleweed Tiny House Company have just put the finishing touches on a great video that shows the construction of a Tumbleweed Fencl. I especially liked seeing details like how they connect the house to the trailer and all the details about the interior paneling and exterior siding installation.

Learn more about buying a set of Tumbleweed Fencl Plans.

6 thoughts on “How to build a Tumbleweed Tiny House

  1. Epperson says:

    This is a really impressive video, probably the best of the Tumbleweeds series. For prospective buyers and builders, you really get an appreciation and perspective of how much detail and craftsmanship is put into each home.

    However, I’m still not certain how their price points work given the market and competition.

  2. John Boulden says:

    I definately agree with Epperson on this being one of the best Tiny House vids yet. I think that for individuals trying to get past the “can I do this stage?”, this video is a must. It makes the process feel doable. Also, you can clearly see that the quality and Craftsmanship going into these houses is of very high standards. Thanks for posting this…

  3. Deek D says:

    Great video- and would LOVE to hit up one of the Seminars (Boston)- but I almost fell over when I saw the admission/registration price. Still, Jay does incredible work, and the designs are gorgeous. I still keep meaning to pick up his book too- as I hear good things…

    Lloyd Kahn just blogged on it too!

  4. Epperson says:


    Read Steve’s comments on Tumbleweed site regarding the book before you buy it. By his own admission, the quality isn’t there.

    Secondly, other reviewers have noted that it did not contain much information other than a few photo-shopped pics.

    In other words, its a glorified sales brochure.

  5. YoYo Fleming says:

    Tell me Jay when are you coming to the caribbean island ? I leave in the island of St Marteen and also in Anguilla. I’m waiting on you …. Hope to see you soon !

  6. Rene H. Imperial says:

    Your idea’s importance is right not only for the current economic environment but for the coming years, whatever the economic conditions will be. I’m wondering though if you have toyed around with the idea of concrete houses – size of about 25 to thirty square meters. Job site will be for countries like the Philippines where thousands of social housing is needed. Concrete because of the numerous THYPOONS that hit the said country several times a year.

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