How to Install an Inexpensive Electric Heater

Derek ‘Deek’ Diedricksen shows us how to install an envi heater – a low cost electric heater for small spaces, like a tiny house. In the video below he instals one in a box truck project he’s working on with a friend. Electric heaters are typically best for on-grid applications. They are typically inexpensive to buy and operate.

Learn more on the eheat website and use Deek’s 10% discount code “Deek2017” if you decide to purchase one.

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For off-grid installation you’d need a power system that’s properly sized to accommodate an electric heater. The eheat website says the envi is rated at 475 Watts (120V x 3.95 Amps = 474 Watts).

When you continue to do the math (475 Watts x 8 hours a day = 3,800 watt hours) you discover instantly that an inexpensive electric appliance like a heater requires a larger battery bank, and power generation (solar panels). The inverter and controller costs also go up. So in the end it may not be as economical to run an electric heater off-grid.

But it can be done. Over at DIY Homestead Projects there’s another Derek that explains how you can run air conditioning and electric heaters on solar. Derek explains in detail how to do the math and size your off-grid system for high demand electric appliances.

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