LifePod™ – Solar Backyard Office

lifepod solar backyard office

I spotted this on Shedworking this morning. The LifePod™ is being developed by a company in San Diego, California called Envision Solar and should be available in 2010. Envision Solar builds many different kinds of photovoltaic panel topped shade structures like those you see popping up over parking lots.

The LifePod™ takes that shade structure idea a step farther by enclosing the support structure and providing interior space. It will be available as a kit and turn key solution. It will be interesting to see what kind of pricing they come up with for this little building. I like the idea and can see how many people would benefit from a high quality prefab kits like this if the price is right.

4 thoughts on “LifePod™ – Solar Backyard Office

  1. Stephen Gatlin Ph.D. says:

    I have commented several times about your very interesting houses, so I shall make this brief. Has everyone noticed how so much of this innovative solar housing is geared to…rich people? A solar office is illustrated in magnificent surroundings. I know there are these Tiny Houses on bloody wheels. But surely these are playthings. Single ascetics can thrive in one, I suppose. But nothing feasible for the person locked in a massive suburbia. Same thing for all the innovative housing on other sites, except worse.


  2. Laura says:

    You have a very valid point Dr. Gatlin. However, I think the larger issue is recognizing over-consumption that ranges from gluttony to debt to excessive homes. By living effectively in smaller spaces we can culturally shift away from debt and into healthier lifestyles that promote relationships and community without government’s direct influence. Often it is the rich that lead cultural shifts first because they are the ones that can afford new technology before it is mainstream. This was demonstrated by the auto industry, computers, elective cosmetic surgery, electronics, phones, etc. It is the same with solar power.

  3. Rob with a 'B' says:

    I see what you are saying. The rich aren’t necessarily evil like we’ve been told our whole lives. Their early wanton consumption of all matters technorati in their vain attempts to one-up their peers in their over-indulgent,capitalist regime makes way for more affordable technology for the proletariat.

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