M-Velope Transformable Structure

Designed by Michael Jantzen, no no not me, this guy has a T before his Zen. The M-Velope® is 15′ high, 14′ wide, and 17′ deep and fully transformable. Michael builds each M-Velope with Accoya® wood products which the manufacturer says makes them durable and sustainable. He also sells these through Neiman Marcus for $100.000 plus delivery costs (that sound was my jaw hitting the ground). Michael Jantzen been doing outside the box design work since 1971. Photo credit Neiman Marcus, and a thank you to Katherine for passing this onto me.

7 thoughts on “M-Velope Transformable Structure

  1. Stephen Gatlin Ph.D. says:

    This M Velope for $100,000 is the epitome of how very silly most of this “cutting edge” housing really is. This applies to the more sensible tiny housing in a general way, because of land costs and militant zoning. But this silly thing, which would make a poor changing house at the beach, takes the prize. Nothing revolutionary going on here. What we have is a Gucci suit for $100,000. Bloody useless indulgence.

  2. kelly pratt says:

    Wow…I could buy 50 RVs, small boats, build 20 micro houses… house dozens of families…but…then again, that would be selfless…

  3. alice says:

    Hey, that looks like something you could make out of free pallets! No need to spend $100,000! Assuming you found an actual use for it that is. I guess you could always throw a tarp on top of it if you want it weatherproof, so there’s an extra couple of bucks for that.

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