My Newest Hero – John Wells

A few days ago I posted a short introduction to John’s tiny house out in the desert in Texas and was surprised at the number of other websites that picked up the story, Treehugger was probably the biggest of them all. Well that should make sense, after all I’m not the only one who can spot a great story when he see’s one.

Over the last few days I’ve been digging into John’s vast amount of online content and just at this very moment stumbled on this video of John reciting an original poem. At first you might think this post is completely off-topic but by the end of the following video I suspect John Wells might just be your newest hero too.

John is building a sustainable and self-sufficient homestead on 40-acres in the middle of nowhere in western Texas. The story is inspiring to me because he’s building so much out of so little and makes a frugal man look extravagant. Be sure to read my first post on John’s tiny house and then dig into all the great stuff he’s posted online.

Photo and video credit to John Wells. Special thanks to Tim R., one of my regular readers, for introducing me to John’s website and work.


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