Nine Tiny Feet – Plans in Process

I’ve really had Nine Tiny Feet on the brain the last few days. This is the ultra tiny design concept I came up with at virtually the same moment I came up with idea for the Tiny Free House. Both houses explore two extremes, one size and the other cost.

Drawing the free house plans recently motivated me to draw up the plans for Nine Tiny Feet… I mean how hard could it be to draw the plans for a nine square foot house? Well like most little things it turned out to be much more difficult than I expected and as this first pass shows. If you frame a micro house like a normal house you use way too much lumber.

As I have it drawn above the walls alone would take over 40 2x4s to build including the bay windows. So I’m going to start thinking of this tiny house more like a big insulated cabinet. It’s so small it has different structural needs than a normal house so then theoretically it should need a different approach to framing.

At the moment I’m thinking about building insulated panels. I’m hoping to finish up the drawing on Sunday night and have a materials list and rough estimate for construction complete. I’m guessing the shell is going to cost less than $500 but we’ll know soon enough.

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