Dogtrot Friggebod


One of my regular readers sent me his small house dream. David is a ex-Aussie living in Sweden and was inspired by a combination of my dogtrot tiny house concept and a friggebod. In Sweden you can generally build a friggebod (small habitable adjunct building) without permits if it is smaller than 15 square meters and no taller than 3 meters. Using Google SketchUp he was able to brainstorm different variations quickly. Pictured here is David’s most recent iteration.


As you can see David’s been exploring the interior layout by working without the walls. The structure itself is basically two friggebod buildings with a glassed in space between them. He’s still in the middle of researching the permit-free feasibility of this design but it seems to have some promise.

The other details David is working through center around the sustainable and cold weather features like how to create the best green roof and how to build a cold weather grey water system. David gave me so much to think about in his emails I’ll be spitting up some of his ideas and questions into multiple posts in the hope of surfacing some answers.


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