Tiny Tubular House

This is cool. It’s not a house; it’s a hotel in Austria called dasparkhotel. Staying the night costs what you can afford, they are available at a “pay as you wish” nightly rate. All hotel services (Toilets, showers, minibar, cafe, etc) are supplied by the surrounding public space. So it’s a tiny room, with a simple bed and a locking door. For the free spirited minimalist traveler it sounds like an oasis.

With a little imagination you can see where this idea could take the minimalist tiny -concrete- home builder. For example what if you took a few of these, connected them at the center with some kind of custom concrete dome connector and then bury the whole thing. Add plumbing, power, and some sky lights and you’d be in business. I’m certain the thermal mass of the concrete would help regulate the interior temperatures and the surrounding soil would insulate you from the cold and heat. You could even ditch the custom dome idea and use standard conduit connectors.

If you’re interested in looking into concrete pipe you might start at The American Concrete Pipe Association, or maybe you’ll want to get a degree at the Concrete Pipe University. Just kidding, when I found these I just had to share for laughs. But in all seriousness it appears that concrete pipe is a carefully designed and engineered product making it all the more appropriate to be used as housing, for the innovative tiny house builder.




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