Tiny House Pottery Studio

While I currently make my living as a web designer (by day) and tiny house blogger/designer (by night) I was once a full-time studio potter. I mentioned this fact in a post called Daydreaming about Tiny House Pottery.

Colin, also a potter bitten by the tiny house bug, happy to have found a kindred spirit, shared his dream of building a tiny live/work space with me. He’d like to build a tiny house pottery studio and take it on the road by the end of 2011.

The primary design challenge is what to do with all the dust. Pottery studios typically don’t make good live/work spaces because no matter what you do, you have to deal with dust packed with silica, alumina, and all sorts of nasty little particles. Even when you work with non-toxic materials the dust is so fine it gets everywhere which can lead to respiratory troubles.

To solve this problem Colin is currently thinking that a tiny house split into two separate spaces with entrances at each end of the house would keep the dust in its place. Pictured here is a drawing Colin drew using Google SketchUp. To get the 2D view he exported the image after selecting the top down view (Camera > Standard Views > Top).

Thanks again for sharing this with us Colin!


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