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It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of everything DIY; in fact I’d describe myself as a do-it-yourselfer to a fault. In other words, I’m one of those people that won’t admit that I sometimes bite-off too much and should have considered calling in a pro in the first place.

This video of space saving furniture, sent to be by Dan, reminded me of this personality defect (strength?) of mine. When I see stuff like this I think… hey I could do that! But then after watching the whole thing I think… holy cow this stuff is amazing… how do they do that!?

I suspect that this Italian designed furniture, available from Resource Furniture in New York, is very expensive. I hope I’m wrong but something cool with a New York showroom is most likely very expensive. But what you get for your money appears to be some amazingly designed and engineered space saving furniture. At the very least it’s great food for thought and might inspire some folks to explore some extreme space saving ideas on their own.

Thanks again Dan!

5 thoughts on “Resource Furniture

  1. jay says:

    This stuff is awesome in a modern style, and of course very efficient. I’d like to see some of these same designs in a more traditional appearance. Further, I’m afraid to look into to prices.

  2. downs says:

    Great ideas. I’ve been trying to come up with similar ideas for my place for a while now. Problem is I don’t have room for any of this kind of stuff. Oh, the irony!

    Many, if not most, of these ideas seem to revolve around the murphy bed concept. Since my bed is in a separate (and tiny) room that can’t really be repurposed for anything that I need, I seem to be mostly out of luck.

    But I persevere, nevertheless. My biggest problem is that I need more table space. I’m a DIYer in several areas of interest and have many projects going at once. Never enough tabletop. If I were more organized … then maybe. …Then maybe I wouldn’t be such a mad, freakin’ genius either though. ;^)

    One other thing: When I lived in Seattle I had a tiny (13’x14′!) apartment in the Ballard historic district. There I put my bed on stilts (about 7 ft. high) and made a tiny, little tv area under the bed. That’s a great space saving idea if you have high ceilings.

  3. Patricia says:

    I’m in the book business (sort of) and I remember seeing a lot of books. There USED to be books available to build it yourself, including a lot of stuff like this that vaguely resembles it. I’m pretty sure the expenses are due to economic upturns like I personally right now refuse to pay THAT much to stuff a floor pillow or futon I’m making myself. I am looking into stuffing the floor pillow with clothes. Like the roof is leaking and I have to put it somewhere….

  4. mauricio says:

    Great ideas!!!! well it so good to save space, and we know good ideas and space saving. it’s something we have thanks, and pay for that like a car.
    If somebody want to be cheap, have to go to dollar store, this is something good.


  5. Mem says:

    I’d like to see a big company like IKEA pick up these ideas and make them accessible to the people who actually need them! We could petition them ‘Multifunction for the masses’?

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