Shipping Container Housing – Global Portable Buildings

Now here is a company that seems to be very well funded building tiny portable homes out of shipping containers. The houses are a bit plain but if you like the industrial look of shipping containers and spartan interiors these little houses might look like home sweet home to you.

Global Portable Buildings Inc, located in Santa Rosa, California has a bunch in stock too, so if you need one right away they can load it on a truck and deliver it to your property. They say no foundation is needed but best to check with you local building department to see what kind of permits might be required.

They also have a variety of different layouts, some with kitchens and bathrooms, and serve are permanent of temporary housing. The smallest basic unit starts at $12,000.

I personally think they could have made them look a bit nicer. I’ve seen a lot of cool modern homes build from shipping containers. These look a bit too much like barracks to me. But I have to admit, a simple home delivered to your doorstep at a reasonable price, maybe they’re a pretty good deal, but if you follow that logic a Domino’s Pizza looks like a good deal too. LOL

What do you think? Discuss at Tiny House Forum.

Photo credit Global Portable Buildings Inc.


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