SolMan by Sol Solutions

This is a small portable power generator that delivers up to 1,200 watts of AC power and includes one 135 watt photovoltaic panel, three 100 amp/hour deep cycle sealed batteries, charge controller, watt meter, 1200 watt inverter/charger, and external AC/DC outlets.

1,200 watts isn’t a whole lot of electricity by grid standards but it’s enough to run drills, saws, small compressors, sanders, grinders and many other power tools. It would also work great for powering a frugal tiny house. The basic unit can run about 8-hours with a 250 watt load and 2-hours with about a 1000 watt load. If you need more power it can be expanded with additional solar panels and batteries.

It is a bit heavy, 300 pounds, mostly due to the batteries. Good thing it’s on wheels. The main disadvantage is initial cost. The basic SolMan runs about $4,000. But over time it pays you back by avoiding fuel costs. It also runs silently and requires very little maintenance.

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