Steampunk Adventure Home

As featured on Tiny House Nation, this 340 sq. ft. Steampunk Adventure Home is ready for full time living. It’s designed with a country and industrial feel. Inside this tiny home on wheels you can see a spacious kitchen, cozy living space, two sleeping lofts and bathroom. There’s a kid’s loft above the living space and the parent’s loft is above the bathroom – where they added some shutters for additional privacy.

The builder and designer of this tiny home is Maximus Extreme, a tiny home builders in Ogden, Utah. The Steampunk Adventure Home™ was built for Michele and her Son Vance and was featured on FYI Television Network’s Tiny House Nation, Season 3, Episode 3: 340 sq ft Steampunk Adventure Home on April 27, 2015.

Photos via Tiny House Nation on the FYI Network.

Steampunk Adventure Home 2

Steampunk Adventure Home - Loft

Steampunk Adventure Home - kitchen2

Steampunk Adventure Home - kitchen


3 thoughts on “Steampunk Adventure Home

  1. Donna says:

    These homes are enticing to me, and have been for sometime now. The only thing I can foresee before going through with making the plans is where does one put these homes. I heard of restrictions, rv parks ect. Do you know of any villages or communes that are active or in the making?

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