Sweet Water Bungalows

One of my readers passed this onto me this morning. Thanks DJ! Sweet Water Bungalows are fair weather tiny houses that have a simple wood frame, windows, and a door, but are covered with a heavy duty rain fly. The platform/deck this little house sits on is not included in the price but they do include free plans making it easy to build it yourself.

They come in three sizes, 120 sq. ft. (10’x12′), 168 sq. ft. (12’x14′), and 280  sq. ft. (14’x20′). The base kits generally cost between $2,700 and $7,800 but additional options are available so the price can vary and even go a little higher if you order a big one with all the trimmings!

They look fairly easy to build so I suspect even those with minimal construction experience could put one together by simply following the instructions and taking their time. I can also see how this might be the perfect little seasonal house as a remote retreat or backyard studio. But the lack of insulation makes this a poor choice for someone looking for a year-round home.

Thanks again DJ! Photo credit Sweet Water Bungalows.

3 thoughts on “Sweet Water Bungalows

  1. Lora says:

    I thought my house was so small at(918 sq ft) 3 bedrooms 1 bath?Actually it is smaller home but I do prefer it most of the time.Simply because of taxes(which are still 1,500.00 yr)and for that smaller eco footprint,we will leave as well.And it is wayyyy better to heat and cool!I don’t know if I could go this small though.Perhaps if it was just my hubby and I or just myself I could easily.But I have a 15 yr old daughter and a ten yr old daughter.And I don’t think I could deal with two teenage girls..not having their own rooms,lol!
    This is Not a bad Idea though…in this day and age.With the economy and high costs of living!Thanks for the Article!I really had no idea that this was becoming a fad/or should I say a preferred way of living!!Very Interesting indeed!Btw,lol at MCMansions.I liked that!

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