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Small Family Birdhouse

One question a lot of people have been asking recently centers around tiny houses and families. It’s true that many of the very small homes are inhabited by one or two people, so where are the tiny houses for families? Over the next few weeks I’ll be posting a few of those stories and some design […]

One Determined Urban Rancher

The latest update by The Urban Rancher reports a few updates and a lot of determination in the face of sore muscles and continued unemployment. By day he works as a freelance designer in the entertainment industry and business in Hollywood in still sluggish. Luckily the few pennies he has saved up are being put to good […]

Compact Cabins from Sweden

Above is the SASA1, a design from Kjellander + Sjoberg Arkitektkontor, an architectural firm in Stockholm, Sweden. They have developed a line of 15m2 (160 square feet) cabins designed to avoid building permits. They can be adapted for many different functions such as saunas, studios, garden offices, and workshops. Some can even be used year-round. The […]

The Bear Ridge Cottage

I’ve been following the Bear Ridge Project for quite some time. It’s the journal of BigBear, a man who’s been working to find his own path to freedom by leaving a consumer based existence behind for and off-grid sustainable lifestyle. The little 8′ by 10′ cabin pictured here is a little guest cottage he built […]

Urban Rancher Update

As the weather begins to turn colder and wet in California the Urban Rancher is making steady progress on closing in his tiny house. Instead of using the same type of siding all around his house he’s mixing it up a bit, partially for cost savings and partially for aesthetics. I’m looking forward to seeing […]

Cottage Kit by Jamaica Cottage Shop

Here’s a how-to video produced by the folks at Jamaica Cottage Shop, a company in Jamaica, Vermont that builds shed and cabin kits.  The video is a bit of an infomercial but it shows how prefab panelized kits are assembled. I don’t have any personal experience with this company so I can’t provide any kind of […]

A Tiny Cabin by Dennis

This cabin was built by Dennis, one of my readers, and is located in the woods of southwest Wisconsin. The floor measures just 8′ by 12′ but the height of the cabin makes it seem much larger. The unusual window layout and large eaves also add to make this a striking design. Another relatively uncommon […]

Read-Nest modern cabin

This little cabin was designed by the Danish architecture firm of Dorte Mandrup Arkitekter and is intended, as the project name suggests, as a simple place to read, think, and meditate. The interior space is less than 10 square meters (<107 square feet) and contains is intentionally spartan containing just one door, one window, one […]