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Tiny Home Living Without Living in a Tiny Home

The following is a guest post by Tiffany Krezinski. Photo via Groovexi. For me and my family, living in a Tiny Home is a dream we’re still working toward. My husband and I have our plan laid out: when our kids go to college, we’re going to take the big leap. We knew, however, that […]

LifeEdited – Design Competition

Treehugger founder Graham Hill is downsizing to a 420 square foot apartment which will be renovated in 2011. But Graham wants to pack a lot of versatility and function into the small space so created LifeEdited, a design competition intended to surface the best design from the global community of practiced and aspiring tiny house […]

Tiny Space – Hidden Kitchen

The designers at Centrala invented this simple solution for maximizing space for this tiny 200 square foot apartment in Warsaw, Poland. The center piece is a hidden kitchen that folds-out and takes on new forms to serve a variety of functions.  It’s an excellent example of how much space can be reused when a space […]

Convertible Table/Bench

Convertible multifunctional furniture is a great idea for a tiny house. This particular example takes into account the occasional need for additional table or work space and still provides a simple seating option for one or two people when that need has passed. Of course the most inspiring part of this table/bench isn’t the product […]

Tiny House Stairs

I’ve seen a couple of designs on other websites recently for steep space-saving stairs. Using those ideas as inspiration I’ve come up with a simple way to build a stairs from a couple of long 2×12’s. The way you achieve such a steep grade is by alternating the steps with the way people actually climb. […]

Clever Pull-Out Compact Kitchen

This is a really great space saving idea that could keep a tiny house clutter free. At first it looks as if this wall is just some kind of mural but you soon realize that the shapes you see etched into the wall’s surface actually conceal functional seats, counters, cabinets, and lighting.  The only things […]

Space Saving Bookshelf Chairs

Living simply requires using every cubic inch cleverly. In the last issue of Small Living Journal I wrote about how to make spaces feel larger and tips for getting the most out of space. This morning I ran across this bookshelf chair which is a wonderful example of getting more function from what is usually […]

Tiny Living Furniture Concept

EJ, one of my regular readers, posted a link to this compact living concept. It’s a furniture design called Matroshka and just like the Russian dolls it’s named after these furniture pieces literally fit inside one another and the whole set can be reconfigured to meet the immediate need. It’s a book shelf, a double […]