Tiny Living Furniture Concept

EJ, one of my regular readers, posted a link to this compact living concept. It’s a furniture design called Matroshka and just like the Russian dolls it’s named after these furniture pieces literally fit inside one another and the whole set can be reconfigured to meet the immediate need.

It’s a book shelf, a double bed, a sofa, a dinner table, four stools, a work place, a wardrobe, and storage. The whole thing fits in about 43 square feet so from the look of it you could turn any normal bedroom or small space into a workable home. The only thing it’s missing is a bathroom and kitchen, right? Very cool idea. Photo credit Matroshka.

7 thoughts on “Tiny Living Furniture Concept

  1. di says:

    Too excessive…

    Try a slightly elevated sofa bed. Store wardrobe in pull-out baskets under the bed.

    Rather than a dining table and chairs, eat with a plate in your lap while on the couch.

    Rather than a desk, chair, books and office supplies, try a handheld computer while sitting on the couch.

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