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Strawbale Innovation in the UK

I just spotted this on Shedworking.co.uk. It’s a tiny strawbale house offered by amazonails, the leading strawbale building company in the UK. This tiny house is their answer to a growing demand for tiny strawbale houses. Their website is filled with a lot of alternative building techniques like cement-free tire foundations and using lime instead […]

The Pod

I really like the simplicity of these little arched camping cabins. They are available as rentals in the UK. The idea is simply to have a comfortable place to stay indoors while enjoying the outdoors. Some have decks out front and others have wood stoves and electricity. Not all have beds, stoves, and power so […]

JB’s Tiny House

JB, one of my regular readers, recently sent me a link to his tiny house project. He’s building a tiny house in the UK mostly from stuff he finds on freecycle.org. In the end he expects to spend only about £1000 (about $1,400 US) on his tiny house. JB a self confessed tinkerer and from […]

Incredible Craftmanship – Plankbridge Shepherd Huts

I just spotted this on materialicious and I’m speechless. The craftsmanship is incredible; really a level to aspire too. I also love the simple but warm interiors. They are built by Plankbridge Shepherd Huts in the UK to traditional shepherd hut specifications. In addition to new construction they can also do restoration. The frame looks […]