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Gregs Gypsy Bowtops

These canvas topped Gypsy wagons are built in Bristol and can be shipped outside the UK. They are built on top of a brand new Alko caravan chassis and the wood frame is made from seasoned pine. The bowtop is made from insulated & waterproofed tarpaulin and the entryways can be hand painted & gold leafed with […]

QB1 – Cube Project

On the inside the QB1 is 3x3x3 meters, about 97 square feet. It was designed to generate at least as much electricity as it uses, making it energy-positive. In fact the designers estimate this house, with its 1.48 kW roof mounted photovoltaic system, would pay the owner £1000 per year in FiT income. FiT is […]

DIY Rammed Earth Manual, How to build with DIRT

Michael Thompson at rammed-earth.org shared a copy of his new book with me, it’s called DIY Rammed Earth Manual, How to build with DIRT! I was really happy to find it packed with real DIY information. The first section covers all the basics you’ll need to know to build a rammed earth home including the […]

Shedworking: The Alternative Workplace Revolution by Alex Johnson

Alex Johnson’s new book Shedworking: The Alternative Workplace Revolution is now available. You may already be familiar with Alex’s blog, Shedworking, which regularly features shed designs, builders, and people who work from home in their own garden offices. Shedworking features stories of people discovering ways to improve their work-life balance by creating simple alternatives to […]

How To Build Rammed Earth Walls

I was contacted recently by Michael Thompson a fellow I follow on Twitter, and a self-taught rammed earth expert. He and I share a passion for low-cost building techniques. He asked me to do him a favor and whip up a 3D drawing of his rammed earth wall former hat will serve as course material […]

Shed of the Year 2009

It’s National Shed Week 2009 in the UK and the Shed of the Year was recently announced. It’s 5 meters square (about 16′ by 16′) and is built on a steep grade with a deck overlooking a valley. The designer and builder, Steven, has included a composting toilet, sink, bunk beds, and a wood stove. […]

Tiny Tubular Microlodge Hobbit House

Steve Millar sent me a link recently to this amazing little creation. It’s a tubular tiny house available in the UK. They are 14-feet long and 8-feet in diameter and is constructed from pressure treated 2×4’s and tongue & groove weatherboard coated with Sadolin varnish. The roof is covered in Rubberoid hexagonal shingles. The front […]

Could This Be Shedworking HQ?

Alex at Shedworking recently left his garden shed office behind when he moved. After settling into his new place he then invited people to submit ideas and designs for his next shed. Of course this sounded like a lot of fun to me so I fired up Google Sketchup and my imagination and got to […]

Tiny Free House featured in The Pavement

A little while back I was contacted by the folks at the Pavement, the free magazine for homeless people in London and Scotland. They wanted to do a story on the Tiny Free House I’m building out of pallets. While my progress has been slow it seems to be attracting some interest from a variety […]

Concrete Canvas Shelters – Just Add Water

Julia was browsing tiny house videos on YouTube today and ran across this unusual shelter system. It’s been developed for military and disaster relief missions as a quickly deployed hardened shelter. The dome is made out of a concrete impregnated fabric. To setup one of these structures you simple unroll it, inflate with a fan, […]