Shed of the Year 2009


It’s National Shed Week 2009 in the UK and the Shed of the Year was recently announced. It’s 5 meters square (about 16′ by 16′) and is built on a steep grade with a deck overlooking a valley. The designer and builder, Steven, has included a composting toilet, sink, bunk beds, and a wood stove. To read all about it visit


One thought on “Shed of the Year 2009

  1. Joost Hoogstrate says:

    Hi Michael, thanks for your post on Steven’s Shed of the Year. Its great that innovative designers are coming up with great concepts that are energy efficient. I feel more impact could be created if such designs become more main stream and are introduced in many of the large scale housing. It’s all about numbers. The more people and organizations like make the switch the better.

    Great post!
    Joost Hoogstrate

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