Tiny Living with Wings

Phil Collins sent me a link to his wonderful little camping trailer – made from a retired Piper Comanche. He bought the fuselage from a fellow who was parting out his plane after deciding it was just too expensive to keep.

Phil says an airplane makes an ideal camper. It’s study, lightweight, aerodynamic and comes with many small-scale parts & features ideally suited for living in a tiny space. He’s also nicknamed the trailer Gladys based on the plane’s original registration, G-LADI.

His tow vehicle is also a bit of an eye-catcher, a six wheeled Citreon CX Loadrunner that he had custom built in Germany. These customized cars were a common midnight sight as high-speed newspaper deliver vehicles in Europe during the 1980s.

Thanks for sending this to me today Phil – what a wonderful treat! It’s also a nice reminder that there are probably a lot of things around us that could be reclaimed into useful things – all we need to do is use our imaginations.

Visit Phil’s website for more info on the car and plane.

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