Tiny Prefab ebook Winner!

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First I want to thank everyone that entered the Free Drawing for the Tiny Prefab ebook. There were tons of great tiny house ideas and dreams in those 39 comments… definitely worth a read if you’re curious to see what’s cooking in other people’s imaginations.

To select a completely random winner I used a simple service called random.org and it picked Jan’s comment! Congratulations Jan!

A total of 90 pages and two new additions in the 2nd Edition of Tiny Prefab:

  1. The interior wall sheathing can now be removed after the prefab structure has been built thanks to a suggestion from Malcolm. Thanks again Malcolm!
  2. The prefab system now supports a 16-foot wide building with an 8/12 Gable Roof.

Continue to see some illustrations from the new version. I’ve also sent out a free update to everyone who has already bought the ebook. When you buy Tiny Prefab you are entitled to free updates so as I add more pages to the book and features to the design you’ll get updated automatically without paying more than the original $19.99.

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Tiny Prefab, A Do-It-Yourself Prefab Building System

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4 thoughts on “Tiny Prefab ebook Winner!

  1. Michael Janzen says:

    Hi EJ… There are really only 3 types of wall panels, a standard panel (green), and two corner panels (orange and blue). I show in the plans several different openings in the three types of panels. The footprint of the similarly colored panels is the same though. Make sense?

  2. ej says:

    What is the rationale behind the different colors of the panels?
    It seems to me that if there are 6 different kinds of panels (door, small window, large window, blank) they could each be assigned a color in your drawings. Then builders could see how many of each they need more easily.

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