Top 10 Tiny House Design Posts of 2009

It’s been a busy year at Tiny House Design and interesting to go back and take a look at the top posts of 2009. I can’t say I was really surprised to see some of these stories float to the top, some of them are my favorite posts too. Looking back also helps me lay the groundwork for 2010 which I expect to be an even busier year for the tiny house world. Below are the top 10 tiny house design posts of 2009.

  1. Redefining The Cubicle (10,633 views)
  2. Shelter House by Franklin Azzi (8,821 views)
  3. The Field Lab – Extremely Sustainable Homestead (8,718 views)
  4. Tiny House Homeless Shelters to Weather The Economic Hurricane (8,100 views)
  5. Ultralight Teardrop Trailer – For a Bicycle! (7,927 views)
  6. Earthbag House Plans (7,906 views)
  7. Minimal Mansion – Timber Frame Tiny House (7,311 views)
  8. Cabin Modeled After Fire Tower (7,134 views)
  9. More Sketches of the Tiny Simple House (6,857 views)
  10. One Man, One Hammer, A 64 Square Foot Solar Home (6,635 views)

…and just for fun here are the all-time top 5 posts.

  1. Cherokee Cabin Company – Tiny House Plans (15,809 views)
  2. Mini-Cabin Plans (12,631 views)
  3. Shotgun Houses & The Tiny Simple House (12,377 views)
  4. Pallet House Construction Alternative (10,759 views)
  5. Redefining The Cubicle (10,633 views)

Just for reference I launched Tiny House Design on June 10, 2008 and since then 413,901 absolute unique visitors stopped by to have a look for a total of 1,647,658 pageviews. It’s really humbling to see the numbers like this but great motivation for me to make 2010 an even better year than 2009.

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