Travel Trailer With King Bed

Before you set out on your next family road trip, you’ll need to determine what travel options provide the most optimal vacation experience. Sure, you could endure the complexities of booking countless different hotels along the way, but is that worth the hassle?. Perhaps the convenience of traveling with an RV travel trailer could provide an even more perfect solution.

Travel Trailer With King Bed

Having a comfortable bed is crucial for your relaxing road-trip get-away. Many travel trailers on the market today boast king-size beds to achieve that ultimate comfort comparable to what you might find while staying in a luxurious hotel. But where should you begin your search?

Stick around to discover why you would want a king-sized bed in your trailer, the best options for travel trailers with king beds, and how to choose the right one for you.

Can You Put a King Bed in a Travel Trailer?

Have you ever wondered if you can put a king bed in a travel trailer?

After researching the topic, the answer is yes. You most certainly can put a king bed in a travel trailer. As long as your RV is large enough to accommodate a king-sized bed, why not invest in size and comfort when considering your mattress size?

How Big Is a King Size Bed?

A king-size bed is spacious and offers plenty of wiggle room for you and a partner to get a good rest. A king-size bed also provides back support by allowing you ample space to stretch out your body without waking up with kinks in your neck, back, and legs.

The dimensions of a king-size bed are 76 inches wide and 80 inches long, depending on the brand. King-sized beds are perfect for couples looking for ample sleeping space. They can also comfortably fit four children in one room, allowing more room in your RV.

Why Get a Travel Trailer With a King Bed?

There are several reasons you may want to get a travel trailer with a king-sized bed, including:

  • Provides extra sleeping space: King beds are the largest option, providing additional room to move around in bed. King-beds are ideal for two adults, several children, and pets.
  • Provides a separate bedroom: King-sized beds are usually in a separate bedroom in most RVs. This feature offers some much-needed extra privacy for couples within small living spaces.
  • Offers a feeling of luxuriousness: King-sized beds provide extra space to stretch out and relax. The large, spacious beds give a sense of luxury within your small space.

Who Makes Travel Trailers With King Bed?

A travel trailer tows behind a large vehicle such as an SUV or a truck by a hitch. Travel trailers are also referred to as bumper pull trailers and range from small to spacious living quarters.

Here is a list of some North American travel trailers on the market today that offer king-sized beds:

  • The Forest River RV Rockwood Signature Ultra Lite 8335BSS
  • Jayco White Hawk 32KBS
  • Gulf Stream Kingsport 40DEN Lodge Series
  • Dutchmen Kodiak Ultimate 3321BHSL Travel Trailer
  • The Heartland North Trail 33RETS Travel Trailer
  • Palomino Puma 31FKRK Travel Trailer
  • The Venture RV’s SportTrek Touring STT322VRL
  • Radiance R-26KB Travel Trailer by Cruiser RVs
  • The Prime Time RV La Crosse 3299SE
  • KZ Sportsmen LE Toyhauler 291THLE
  • Keystone RV Cougar Half-Ton Series 29BHS Travel Trailer

How To Choose a Travel Trailer With King Bed

Although having a king-sized bed is an attractive feature in a travel trailer, there are also other factors to consider when purchasing your RV, such as:

  • Sleeping arrangement and capacity: Although a king-sized bed is ideal for two adults, when purchasing a travel trailer, you should also consider other members of the family who will require additional sleeping quarters. Many travel trailers offer convertible sofas or bunk beds.
  • Storage space and slideouts: Slide-out bedrooms are an option worth considering when looking for a travel trailer that is large enough to hold your entire family comfortably.
  • Outdoor kitchen: A travel trailer with an outdoor kitchen is another attractive feature to consider when deciding on a travel trailer. Outdoor kitchen facilities eliminate odors inside the trailer and promote more living space. However, you may need to purchase an additional awning for your outdoor kitchen.
  • Engine: The size of the engine required to pull your new travel trailer is also a crucial factor in your travel trailer purchase. You must ensure your vehicle will have enough power to tow your new travel trailer without creating any issues.
  • Additional bedrooms: Having enough bedrooms is another feature to consider when shopping for travel trailers. Ensuring adequate sleeping space is essential for a relaxing, stress-free experience when you hit the road in your new travel trailer.
  • Dimensions: Tavel trailers that feature a king-bed must be built wide enough to fit the bed. Therefore, when purchasing an RV with a king-sized bed, you must be confident in managing the larger size of the rig. A larger-sized trailer will be more laborious to navigate, such as fitting under low overheads and narrow roads and making sharp turns.

What Travel Trailers Come With a King Bed?

Today, travel trailers often include queen-sized mattresses in the master bedroom. Although this size is suitable for some, those with children or taller people might desire a more spacious bedroom.

A king-sized bedroom offers more space for stretching out and provides a feeling of luxuriousness within the small living space of your travel trailer.

Buying an RV with a queen bed and upgrading to a king is also an option. However, this alternative adds an extra cost for buying a new king-sized bed and leads to an overcrowded room not meant to hold a king-sized bed.

We’ve done our research and rounded up the top five travel trailers in North America that come equipped with a king-sized bed so you can take the worry out of relaxing on your next road trip.

Heartland North Trail 33Rets Travel Trailer With King Bed

Price: $66,289

The Heartland North Travel Trailer comes in a stylish black and grey finish and measures 39 feet, 8 inches long by 8 feet in height. Key features of this model include three slide-outs that offer an enclosed king-sized bedroom with bathroom access, a full kitchen with a dining table and chairs, an island and a sink, a sitting area with two recliners, and a loveseat, a fireplace, and an entertainment center.

Offering plenty of space inside, the Heartland North is ideal for couples and families looking for a comfortable, spacious travel trailer while on the road to your next destination.

However, because this model has slide-outs included with this travel trailer, allow extra time for setting up at each stop during your trip.


“We bought this travel trailer hoping to experience the joys of outdoor camping. The Heartland North offers a cozy retreat from the outdoor weather. The trailer set-up is easy, and the kitchen island is gorgeous and adds extra space for food prep and storage. This trailer provides adequate space, fun, and relaxation.”  -Satisfied Customer

Keystone Cougar 22MLS Travel Trailer With King Bed

Price: $50,124

The Keystone Cougar features a sleek grey design with black accents and measures 26 feet, 10 inches long by 11 feet, and 5 inches in height. This model offers many amenities, including a slide-out for outdoor theatre seating, an awning, a spacious king-sized bedroom, a dining area with a booth, sink, and a bathroom.

Compared to other travel trailers featuring a king-sized bed, the Cougar offers one of the most compact sizes. It also comes with a double rear hitch for pulling a trailer behind.

This model offers limited features and sleeps only four people, making it a less favorable choice for large families.


“This is not our first RV, however, we are pleased with the features it offers. The rear kitchen offers adequate counter space and I loved the flip-up counter for the extra cutting room. Preparing meals was a breeze.

The bedroom has lots of storage space. The bathroom is spacious with a shower and a skylight for better lighting. The powered awning is a nice touch. This travel trailer is pulled with our Toyota Sequoia. The perfect size for just my husband and me to travel in comfort.” -Satisfied Customer

Jayco White Hawk 30FLS Travel Trailer With King Bed

Price: $40,035

A lightweight travel trailer measuring 37 feet, 10 inches long, by 11 feet and four inches in height, the White Hawk by Jayco offers many attractive features, including interior hardwood cabinets, vinyl flooring, modern LED lighting, a slide-out king bed, and a dresser, an electric fireplace, and a slide-out dinette, a fold-out sofa and a spacious bathroom.

The Jayco White Hawk is affordable compared to other travel trailers available today. Although it’s lightweight, it can still comfortably sleep six people, making this model an ideal choice for families.

This model does not provide some of the luxurious amenities offered by higher-end travel trailers.


“This small-sized RV has been a superb investment. Easy to pull. I recommend this travel trailer to anyone looking for a reliable RV for the family without breaking your bank account.” -Satisfied Customer

The Rockwood Signature Ultra Lite 8335BSS Travel Trailer With King Bed

Price: $68,764

The Forest River Rockwood Signature features a black and grey exterior that measures 36 feet by 8 inches long by 11 feet and 8 inches in height. This luxurious travel trailer offers several amenities, including a private king-sized master bedroom, two pull-out sofa beds, a comfortable seating area, a kitchen area, and a spacious bathroom.

This travel trailer comfortably sleeps eight people and is the perfect solution for large families looking for the latest designs in travel trailers.

Although this is an ideal RV for large families, it takes a large engine to pull it, and it comes with a reasonably high price tag compared to other models.


“I have been living in my Forest River RV for two years. I can honestly say, it is comfortable, and the floor plan is perfect for comfortable full-time use. I have never had any issues with my trailer.” – Satisfied Customer

Palomino Puma 31FKRK Travel Trailer With King Bed

Price: $44,987

Built for durability, the Palomino is lightweight and easy to tow. It measures 37 feet and 8 inches long by 10 feet and 3 inches in height.

This travel trailer offers several attractive amenities, including spacious living quarters, a front kitchen with l-shaped counters, a deep sink, microwave, and oven, a living room with a fireplace, a pull-out queen-sized sofa, a bathroom with a skylight above the shower, and a king-sized master bedroom suite with plenty of storage.

The Puma is reasonably-priced and is also equipped with an outdoor kitchen and a mini-fridge for your added convenience.

Because this is a large-sized travel trailer, you must have a large engine to pull it.


“We chose this travel trailer because it could be pulled by our truck. It is an ideal size for the beginner camper. We loved that it was cozy, yet not cramped. We have spent many enjoyable evenings under the stars in our Puma.” – Satisfied Customer

Travel Trailer With King Bed

RV Rental With King Size Bed

If you still haven’t decided on which travel trailer to purchase, RV rental is an option to help you try out a certain model and see if it is the best for you before committing to a costly investment.

Depending on the specific model of travel trailer you choose to rent, the length of your rental, and your location, the average cost for RV rentals ranges from $70 to $200 per night. Larger trailers that hold dual families, can charge even more per night. Discounts may be offered for longer rentals.

You can find several RV rental companies by simply browsing the internet. Make sure to do your research and check for customer reviews before settling on anything.

Renting a travel trailer lets you compare models before making a final purchase. Sometimes you can also find used travel trailers for sale that can save you some money.

However, used travel trailers may not always be the best choice because they often don’t come with a warranty and you are left to deal with problems that arise out of your own pocket.

If you buy new, you can usually pay for your trailer through monthly payment plans, rather than having to come up with the payment in full and there is a warranty that comes with new purchases.


These are some of the most frequently asked questions travelers ask regarding a travel trailer with king bed.

What is the shortest travel trailer with a king bed?

The Keystone Cougar is the shortest travel trailer, measuring 26 feet long.

What is the most spacious travel trailer?

The most spacious travel trailer on our list is the Rockwood Signature which holds up to 8 people.

What are the best mattresses for a king bed in a travel trailer?

The best king-size mattress for overall value is the dynasty mattress.

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